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“No, I didn’t hear anything. It’s just your nerves.” Ash said quietly to Simon. She didn’t even bother to look around for the source of this supposed disturbance.

There was no point in doing so. She would just have to tolerate the quirks of her newly found comrade and pretend nothing happened.

They were correct in wanting to rest, though. It had been a very long day and the stress of hiding had taken quite a toll on her. Finding a safe spot would be their primary concern now.

“Where should we go, Zach?” The follower would obey the leader without question, as long as he delivered on his promises.

She turned to the smoking man. Would he lead them to safety or ruin? All would rest on his answer.
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"Yeah..." Zach's eyes went wide. "Search for supplies... something useful... yeahhh..."

Zach just wanted to nick something but it looked like his plan turned out alright. To be honest he hadn't exactly thought of looking around for supplies. Zach didn't think that far ahead. He just wanted to do something, I mean fuck, he had just spent two hours looking down at some skater bitch growling German curse words. Zach never shoplifted but then again he never found himself in a life-or-death situation either so when in Rome, steal all the shit that wasn't nailed down because they must be worth thousands on Ebay.

Zach exhaled. He had heard the gunshot. It made him tense, but he tried to pretend that he ignored it. He looked at Simon. "Y'know, when I woke up today, I didn't expect there to be beds and shit. Must be my lucky day ehh Doc?"

Zach wasn't afraid of anything (well, if you considered turkeys as a rational fear), not even death. Let death come. If it was his time to go, it was his time ago. Or maybe that was the cigarette talking for him, because he was definitely nervous right now. Hands shaking, eyes twitching. Yeah. Can't bullshit that Zach. He grabbed his bag, shoved the cigarette back in his mouth and looked back at Samya.

"Think we should leave. Now. Get your stuff and let's walk down a few houses. Away from here. Now."

Good thinking Zach. Y'see? Before you know it you'll be the next friggin Neil... Sinclair? What was his name? Zach was busy thinking and he didn't give a shit to stop and try to remember.

(Zach Jamis continued in Ten Shades of Gray)

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((I'm not even sure what the post order is anymore. I'll just be leaving now, sorry if it confuses anyone))

Samya choose to ignore whatever it was Simon heard. Even though, yeah, she heard it too. She was already sleepy and cranky, wasn't any point in being freaked out too. Poor Simon, he didn't seem like he'd last a day with all these gun-toting meanies around. He was just too nice. It was terrible, a place where being too nice would get you killed. No point in thinking about that either though. "Whatever it was, at least it wasn't close", she said, trying to be reassuring. Again, she was pretty sure she was failing at that.

She couldn't even keep herself calm, geez.

And she was pretty sure Zach's lung was gonna fall out soon if he kept it up like that. That would be . . .new. It seemed like he was having fun bossing them around. She wanted to have fun, she hated being this serious person who was keeping her friend (and Ash and Simon, now) from being killed. She wanted to skate, eat some popcorn, watch . . . hmm, she hadn't watched Mulan in a while, but this place was certainly making a man out of her. Well, she wasn't gonna play right now.

She put her gun back in the zippered part of her bag. She was done with this panicing every mintue, at least for the moment. If she could just get a break . . . .

But Zach wanted to look for supplies now. Of course. Let's be responsible now, and maybe they could rest later. Heck, she though she had brought playing cards too. Go Fish sounded like heaven.

She turned to Ash and Simon, smile on her face. "Come on guys, duty calls. Hope it doesn't take forever." She then set off after Zach.

"I'm coming, captain."

((Samya Franklin continued in Ten Shades of Gray))
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((All I know is that I'm after you))

Neither Ash nor Zach had heard the gunshot. Did it really happen, then? Am I finally going crazy out here, jumping at sounds that don't exist, running around with people I barely know? That wasn't the most comforting thought in the world. Since Simon was failing mostly every aspect of this game, he at least had prided himself on staying sane. Losing that seemed to be rather unfair.

Then again, Sam said, "Whatever it was, at least it wasn't close." She had heard it, so the gunshot wasn't only in his mind. It seemed like she was trying to keep her voice collected, but Simon understood what was wrong. She was the one in this group the the gun, the one who would decide who lived or died. That was a feeling Simon himself had experienced, and was all the more calmer without. I'm sorry, Sam. It's not your fault you were the one who got stuck with the weapon.

"Think we should leave. Now. Get your stuff and let's walk down a few houses. Away from here. Now." That was Zach, cigarette in his mouth. It was a smart move; someone would easily be able to surprise them here. Simon was still alert enough to search for supplies and the group might find a passable resting place. They all were looking a good deal haggard.

"Come on guys, duty calls. Hope it doesn't take forever." Sam said. Simon picked up his bag and followed after her, his trusted improvised-weapon-stick still in hand.

"Sounds good to me. I'll start scavenging." Simon tried to make his voice sound a bit optimistic. So what if his last two experiences here had ended with him getting attacked and his gun stolen, respectively? This island was the kind of place where things worse than that happened all the time. He was still alive, and that was something, right? Even if he knew, in the back of his brain, that he was already dead?

Less thinking, more item hunting. Simon nodded to Ash, and trailed after Zach and Sam. But all the walking didn't stop him from wondering who caused the gunshot.

((Simon Fletcher continued in Ten Shades of Gray))
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Now that the group was departing, Ash didn't hesitate to go along with them. She didn't have much faith in Zach, but having people around helped her feel safer.

It wasn't always like that, but circumstances had changed. The gathering she feared was now her only real defence against the people who played the 'game'. She wasn't a lone wolf that could survive easily on her own. It was a struggle she never wanted to repeat.

Cherish these moments. They might be your last good memories before you get killed.

She briefly closed her eyes. Death was always hanging over them, stretching and coiling like a impossibly huge python around their necks.

One day, it would squeeze tightly and end their lives. But it didn't have to be now. It could be years, if not decades ahead. They just had to find a way to escape their fate and live until they reached their natural end.

"Wait up. Don't leave me here." Ash opened her eyes and followed the group, leaving this dusty old town behind.

((Ash Morrison continued in Ten Shades of Gray))

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