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Theodore watched Maddie run into the safety of the woods. He knew, logically, she was doomed anyways, but he still felt bad for scaring her off. It was different than having killed someone; to Theo, at least, he was still in the surreal sensation moment, not really feeling like he'd even done anything. It hadn't settled in yet.

Theo hoped it didn't ever settle in.

Theo sat for roughly 20 minutes, as the sun started setting. He finished the bar, which wasn't pleasant but was certainly better than nothing, and polished off a bottle of water. He'd found that one of the bottles had been pierced by Maddie's shot. He'd tossed it off the cliff, pollution be damned, and taken a couple bottles from Dan's bag. He didn't really feel bad about taking Dan's stuff.

Not like he needed it, right?

Theo stared off into the sunset once he was finished eating "dinner". He felt nostalgic, almost; he was all alone, with no friends (and any friends would likely stop being his friend soon enough), but he was fed, and he had the sunset to watch. He wrinkled his nose as he noticed an unpleasant stench wafting, like...

He gazed over at Dan's corpse.

He'd killed him.

Taken and innocent life.






Theo walked slowly over to Dan's corpse, and with a primal, anguished scream, moved to kick it but though better of it and slammed his shoe into a rock a few feet away and he watched to soar off the cliff and fall into the deep black sea and he almost wanted to jump after it. He couldn't make it up the familyies could he.

He couldn't.

It was too late for that. Far, far, far, too late too late too late. Three people were dead, it was his fault. He'd murdered them, all him. Theo slumped to the ground, a few inches from the cliff, head in his hands, sobbing.

He had nothing left.

He cried like a child, until he was out of tears and he felt exhausted and empty inside. He hadn't decided what he'd need to do, but he needed to leave this murder spot. He really didn't know where he needed to go, or what he needed to do, or what his new plan was, he certainly wasn't about to win and redeem himself redemption was a lie. He'd killed 3 people, it would never go away and he'd hurt forever so much hurt

All he needed was to go.

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues in Dream Melody))
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