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((Amber Yates, Pregame Start))

Amber sighed as she sat down on the rickety wooden bridge overlooking one of the many creeks in the park.

Her legs dangled over the edge of the bridge, the gentle sounds of flowing water coming from below her. The wind blew through the area she was in, rustling the leaves of the trees around her, creating a chorus of quiet, white noise that she found comforting. The mid-afternoon sun was overhead, basking her in its usual pleasant warmth, leaving her feeling content. Her red hair shone even brighter under the sunlight, giving her the appearance of a scarlet halo.

It wasn't often that she came out here, since she always had to hike all the way up, but the locale was always nice, and it was a good trip to make if she wanted some time alone, away from her responsibilities.

So... now that we're out here, what are we going to do?

Of course, she was never truly alone. With her voice ringing out only to Amber, the ethereal looking girl sat down beside her, the bridge not moving under her non-existent weight. If an outsider could see her the way Amber did, she would appear to be a relatively unremarkable blonde girl in a long, blue dress.

I dunno, probably just have a smoke, listen to nature... talk to you. Amber thought, in response.

You know smoking isn't healthy.

Yeah, I know. You say that every time, Blue.

I'm just looking out for your health. Promise me you'll quit?

Yeah, yeah. Eventually.

Amber pulled out the package of cigarettes and the lighter that she kept tucked away in the bottom of her purse. Pulling out one of the cigarettes contained within the half empty package, she brought it up to her lips and set it alight, before placing the package and lighter into her lap.

She inhaled, taking the acrid smoke into her lungs, before pulling the cigarette away and exhaling it back out. She leaned back on the bridge, the wind blowing the smoke trail coming off of her cigarette, letting it billow off into the distance.

You know, she thought, part of me still can't believe that this is my last year in high school. It seems like it all passed by so quickly.

That's the wonder of time passing. How many years have I existed now?

Amber took another puff from her cigarette, exhaling out over the creek. About four, give or take.

And every one of them has been wonderful.

Amber let out a pleased snort, as Blue turned and flashed a smile.

Thanks for coming out here. It's always nice having you to myself.

It's the least I can do, given everything that you've done for me over the years.

Amber smiled and closed her eyes, leaning further back on the bridge, letting the sun hit her, the orange glow of her hair growing even brighter.

Today was a good day. She was glad to be alive, even if she still felt empty a lot of the time, even if she was still prone to sadness. Right now, she was at peace with the world around her.

She didn't know how long she laid there, on the bridge. Her cigarette burnt out, the sun lower on the sky. She spent hours talking to Blue and staring off into space. The tranquility of this place always seemed to cause time to pass so quickly, no matter what she was doing.

Amber sat back up, staring out over the bubbling creek once again, before standing up and glancing back towards the trail that she had come from.

So... are we heading home now, silly?

Yeah, yeah. We can talk more on the way back.

((Amber Yates continued elsewhere...))
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