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I need your help.

I am Michael Shelley. My daughter, Dorothy Shelley, was kidnapped by the people in charge of survival of the fittest, also known as SOTF here.

You don't need to tell me she died: I know. I watched everything. I watched her friend Asha die, I watched her kill three of her peers and I watched her die. You don't have to tell me about it. Please don't tell me about it.

I need help because I want to make a documentary. Not necessarily about my daughter's life, but about the class of Cochise that died in this terrorist attack. They are gone: Kingman will never be the same and us, the collateral victims of the attack, neither will be.

I've made a GoFundMe to help me out. I need equipment, I need staff, I need so much money. This isn't a recruitment drive, more to bring awareness to the project, but I will be eternally grateful if I'm able to produce the documentary and make the world remember the victims of 2015 as who they are: kids who had a bad streak of luck.

Good and innocent people's lives were ruined for the enjoyment of a small, elusive group. I want to make the world know about it, I want everyone to learn about the fate of the Cochise kids and their families that were destroyed.

Please, I need your help. If you want to donate, please click on this link to see my GoFundMe page or if you want to submit your help for the documentary, you can message me here.

Thank you for reading, Michael Shelley.

Here's the link.

Edit: no im really her dad

Edit: imherdad.jpg

Edit: Thank you everyone who donated time and money for the project, it is now in production.
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