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((Nancy Kyle continued from 血塗れ桜.))

Nancy didn't get much sleep that night. She didn't know why. Maybe it was the anticipation of the upcoming announcement. Maybe it was paranoia. Maybe it was her choice of bed. Whatever it was, even when Nancy closed her eyes, slumber didn't find her.

Maybe that was for the best. Maybe it was just going to contribute to her eventual demise. She didn't know. But time ticked slowly... oh so painfully slowly... until she heard the crackling of the announcement. That meant it was morning. That meant Nancy would probably want to start moving again.

She made her way away from the garden while the announcement played, but she allowed herself to stop to listen to her name pop up.

Nancy Kyle kept her momentum from the first day - and let me tell you, we have a real go-getter on our hands, here.

Nancy Kyle kept her momentum from the first day

Nancy Kyle

There was a rush of... something. She felt something, but she didn't know what. Recognition?

Something like that... she didn't know how to feel about it. But it was what she was going for.

Scarlett McAfee. Sabrina Luz. Sanford Bricks.

She felt... remorse? No... that wasn't it. She knew she should, but...

She didn't really care. Because that wasn't important to her. Her name. That was what was important.

But there was a feeling. A feeling that accompanied the first feeling.


She'd figure it out later.

Nancy Kyle walked.

((Nancy Kyle continued in Let's Awaken, By the Day.))
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