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((Sandra Dyer continued from 1ИS∅MИ1∀.))

She stood on the rooftop, staring out to the ocean. She idly wondered where Arizona was. Where was she, in relation to her home? She had a weird thought then. She thought that just maybe... if she yelled loudly enough, a message would reach her family.

It was a stupid thought. Ludicrous, really. But then...

So was the thought of killing someone to go home. She looked out, and she maybe imagined that she could have seen... something... out on the horizon.

She breathed in, then out.

"I guess... I'll have to do it," she said, to no one in particular, "I'm going to say... I'm sorry, I guess."

Was she sorry? She couldn't actually say whether or not she was sorry. It wouldn't be something that she could answer until she actually did it.

"I want to go home," she stated, "If that means getting my hands bloody, then I..."

She paused. She looked over to where she thought she might have spotted a camera on her way over to this spot.

"I won't take any satisfaction or pleasure in doing it, this is a necessity," she said, "I know that doesn't mean much... at all, but..."

She sighed. Silence filled the air afterward. She stood like that for what felt like forever. In reality it was really only a few minutes.

"I should get back to the others," she said.

She made her way over to the door to the roof.

She was about halfway there when she stepped on something and it gave way.
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