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Name: Sidney Rice
Gender: Female
Age: 16
School: Silver Dragon Academy
Hobbies and Interests: World history, games (board and video), Internet, knitting

Appearance: Sidney hardly looks like a student at an expensive academy. Most of the time she wears slightly tattered, casual clothes, with no attempt at making herself appear neat. Oftentimes, they often appear too big for her, as she can be seen wearing oversized t-shirts from time to time, with various slogans and pictures plastered on them. She seems to overall prefer jeans over any other types of pants. Naturally, people have talked to her about this in the past, and on multiple instances she has put herself into much more neat clothes when prompted. When she was put on the program this did not change much; she was wearing blue jeans with a few holes beginning to form and a light blue sweater, regardless of the weather that day. She also prefers to go barefoot when she has the opportunity, but when she does wear things on her feet she wears plain white socks and black Converse.

She has brown shoulder length hair, that seems perpetually tangled regardless of what she does with it. Her blue eyes are an almond shape, and hidden behind large glasses. Her nose is perfectly straight, and her lips are thin and a light pink-ish color, often forming themselves into a smirk if she's thinking about something or finds something amusing. Her skin tone is a light peach color. Sidney's ears have not been pierced, and she rarely, if ever, wears makeup of any kind. She has a heart shaped face, with a noticeably pointed chin and prominent cheek-bones.

Sidney is 5'1 and weighs 120 pounds. She is not particularly athletic, in part due to her asthma. As a result, she doesn't have much muscle on her.

Biography: Sidney Rice was born in Bryan, Texas, the eldest daughter to her parents. Both of her parents have high-ranking jobs at a company, her mother being a CEO, thus providing the family with a large income. She has two younger siblings; Stefanie (age ten) and Martin (age six).

From a young age, Sidney had a competitive streak. Very often, she would play board games or something similar with children her age, only to do whatever it took to win. As a result, she had a tendency to cheat or bend the rules whenever she was playing a game with a friend. Examples of this include a game of Twister where she grabbed the leg of the person she was playing against to pull her down to the ground, and a game of Duck Duck Goose where she threw a stuffed animal after the person she was chasing, claiming it counted as a “tag” if it connected.

However, starting from first grade she started to develop health problems. After a series of episodes where she had trouble breathing, she was eventually diagnosed with asthma by her family's doctor. Naturally, this, along with a later diagnosis of shortsightedness, meant that she couldn't be as physically active as her peers from that point forward. For this reason she developed a fondness for indoor activities, such as board games, often playing them with friends and family members to this day. Despite her health problems, her competitive behavior remained, and often she tries to find “loopholes” in the games' rules when she is playing them with others.

Her favorite class had always been Social Studies, mainly history. Throughout grade school she was often seen reading the textbooks for fun and sharing various facts with anyone who would listen. As one might expect, it is the class she usually has the highest grades in overall. And if she is asked anything about history, she will often go on a long explanation about a certain event or another that happened at some point in the past.

As she grew older, she developed an interest in video games and the Internet, like many people her age. Usually she preferred multi-player online games. But due to her competitive side she doesn't do well in teams, to the point where her behavior in online games could easily be called “griefing” in several cases. Her time on the Internet outside of online games isn't much better; she has an unfortunate habit of making new accounts on various sites and tormenting the regulars when she's bored. Sometimes it's to “prove” something or to get revenge on someone who had previously slighted her, but most of the time she does it because she thinks the reactions she receives are humorous.

Recently she has taken up knitting, and is currently trying to teach herself. So far she's made two different scarves, but she's still a beginner. Obviously, this means she fumbles a bit with the yarn, often having to go back and fix mistakes if she notices soon enough. But, she shows a genuine interest in it.

Her interactions with her classmates are usually not so good, unfortunately. Due to confrontational behavior that she often shows around her peers, many students get annoyed by her actions. Despite this, she has a few good friends, usually those with similar interests. But for the most part most students at the school tend to find her obnoxious, even if she tries to act friendly towards her peers.

As far as school itself goes, she is a bit of a procrastinator, much to the displeasure of her parents, the ones paying for her to go to the academically acclaimed Silver Dragon. Her mother has enforced her studying and homework habits, making sure that she finishes all her work on time. However, she still has a minor habit of being lazy when she doesn't want to do something. Obviously, this has annoyed some people who she regularly interacts with, due to the fact that she doesn't take advantage of the vast amount of resources available to her at Silver Dragon when she needs it. Despite what you'd expect, she's actually fairly intelligent and can have her moments of insight. Indeed, as noted she tends to get fairly good grades in Social Studies, thanks to history being an interest of hers. And when she pushes herself, she can have good grades in other classes too.

Surprisingly, she actually has a fairly decent relationship with her family. While she has been known to tease her younger siblings, for the most part she tries to be nice to them, even if it is because she knows she'll get into trouble if she won't. And while her parents have had to encourage her to keep her grades up, she genuinely respects them.

Her parents have encouraged her to get a job, to make sure she learns the skills needed to be an adult. As of right now, she's currently working as a cashier in a store. However, she is currently considering studying for a history major once she graduates.

Advantages: She has a bit of a competitive streak, and presuming that it carries over to TV, may be more likely to use underhanded tactics because of it. Once she puts her mind to something, she can be rather clever.
Disadvantages: Sidney suffers from asthma, which can easily be triggered by stress or prevent her from running very far. She also suffers from below average vision. Her overly competitive behavior at times may bring problems. Despite this trait, she has a mild tendency to be lazy in things she doesn't want to do. She has annoyed many of her classmates in the past, making herself a good target.

Designated Number: Team Yellow no. 3


Designated Weapon: Jericho .941
Conclusion: It's not a question of if, but when, Sidney will pull that gun on somebody worthy to be her competitor.
Mentor Comment: Competitive girl with a good weapon sounds like a good combination.

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