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So that was that, then. Renee followed Sam to outside the saloon.

They'd talk again once they'd found others, ones that weren't out to kill. Not people like Vivian or Brian or Simon. Nonviolents and peacemakers. Just the kinds of allies that one would need to keep oneself sane.

But they were still all going to die, weren't they?

Renee drew out a breath and watched Sam walk down the street. "Thank you," she said quietly, not loudly enough for him to hear.

She'd acted weak, she realized. But it wasn't out of desperation or even the loneliness that she told Sam about. No, Renee had always been weak and she knew that. She'd told Brian as much when they saw each other. But now she had Sam, and he looked like he was much better than Brian could ever be.

Plus, she had a goal now. To follow Sam. To look for others, maybe find Delilah. Not just wander aimlessly, waiting to get killed. Renee always worked best with a goal in mind.

She stepped onto the street and followed Sam.

Just try not to get him killed too soon, Renee.

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23:01 Kilmarnock: Very.
23:01 kervin555: Darkest is max dark, man
23:01 Dano: Well then
23:01 Dano: mathmatically speaking
23:01 Dano: i can't see in the dark with my glasses on, but i have my glasses off, and since a negative times a negative is a positive
23:02 Dano: i should be able to see no problem, right?
23:02 Kilmarnock: Nope, sorry.
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