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An awkward and contemplative atmosphere had descended on the group. Naomi was sure her question hadn't helped the atmosphere of doom and gloom. It was important but not very good for moral.

The silence spoke louder than any words

They all knew it was an unsolvable conundrum and no one had a master plan to get them out of it. Naomi had laid out big plans for her future: modelling, or at least something in the fashion industry, then glitz glamour and Vince. All the time she had spent daydreaming about it seemed rather wasted now.

Nina's question raised a new problem. The mean part of Naomi felt it was more in her interest to allow Nina to suffer, after all giving an opponent (as she objectively was) an advantage was doubly negative. However, Naomi prided herself on her appearance, physical and social, she knew her first aid pack would likely have aspirin. Feeling guilty that she had even been thinking like that she scrambled around for a few seconds before throwing it over. 'Game theory be damned' she thought.

Her question still remained very noticeably unanswered and Naomi wasn't going to just sit here moping until someone decided to kill her. She had plans and things to live for, or at least people to see before it happened the bleaker part of her mind thought. She would do the best she could and make a fist of this. She wasn't sure she could kill someone but she would make the most of her time.

"Anyone got a master plan? Or are we going to sit here until we die from a sugar overdose?" she asked looking her companions in the eye for first time.
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Naomi looked between the two girls the silence now almost oppressive. It hung in the air and becoming worse as the seconds ticked away. She could almost hear the clock and the seconds ticking away. So far she had been passive letting other people and their opinions drive her but she felt like she needed to do something. Some inconsequential gesture to show it had meant something. She didn't know what she just knew she wanted to be away and doing something. This time, wasted doing nothing, was not helping her at all.

Packing up her bag she moved towards the door. The shop wasn't defensible if anyone better armed than her came in they would have her trapped. It also wasn't exactly a strong point. It seemed the tiny amount of time she spent watching the show had had some practical effect.

As she walked towards the exit she gave the girls a muted smile. She knew there were killers out there but there were also her friends. People and things which could help her. The rest was useful but she now had things to do.

"I'm off, you are welcome to make the decision to join me"

(Naomi Skye continued elsewhere)
first timer on the site keen for constructive criticism to better my rp experience (its the only way I'll learn)
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A very full, pregnant pause. It was so pregnant, Nina almost expected it to go into labor any second now.

The question still hung in the air, as Nina attempted to open the pill bottle. Managing to pull off the cap, she nudged out two pills, popping them in her mouth. She had gotten good at swallowing pills without any water.

To be honest, Nina still didn't know the answer to that question herself. It was something strange, to know for sure that you will die soon. Say what you want about whether or not Naomi or Saachi could make it, but Nina knew it wasn't her. Her wrist was fucked, every inch of her ached, and she was not going to make it. That was something she knew for a fact.

In her case, it wouldn't be an issue of what she could do to survive, but what she could do in her last days. Suicide? Suicide was a joke. If she had to go out, it had to be in a blaze of glory. Something worth dying for. She didn't want to spend her last moments sad, or scared for her life like she was with Bonnie.

It had to be something she would be proud in those last few minutes. Something to make people forget that she was a fuck-up.

But the thing was, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do to make sure that could happen. Nina didn't want to kill anyone. Not even people like Sissy or Bonnie needed to be horribly killed, as much as she despised them. It was something she just... couldn't picture herself doing.

Nina thought back to the snake. Its headed crushed, her horror at their laughter. She felt as if she were the snake right now, only getting crushed by someone in the end.

Being the snake was something she didn't want to be.

Naomi had decided to leave as a result of the silence. Nina slowly pulled herself up, her bones feeling almost heavy. Her legs continued to wobble as she tugged up her things.

Feeling nothing else she could do, she felt a dry pit in her throat.

Nina pulled open the door again with her good hand, the cold air accompanied by the same dissonant jingle.

Looking to Saachi, she turned and said "Hey, I wouldn't mind if you stuck around with us. I mean..."

She wasn't sure why she was saying that, or what else she was going to say. If she had both hands, she would have rubbed her neck a bit. But she smiled again. It was genuine, even if it was small and still shaken.

"Oh, and if it makes you feel better... I got Wonder Woman. Tube top, short shorts, tiara, everything."

All this was strange, but she just had to get by until the end.

((Nina Riddhi continued in Better To Be Alone Than With Bad Company))
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She couldn't do it. She could not and would not put on this stupid uniform, not until hell decided to freeze over. Although the longer she stayed here, the faster she would be the one to freeze over.

She had been paying barely any attention to Nina and Naomi while she stood around not changing into her costume. Now, they were gone and she was alone.

Realizing this, Saachi decided to leave as well.

((Saachi Nidal continued in Kill Your Heroes))