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Noon, Day Three:

There were four students left in The Zone, only a hint over half of those who had been alive the night before. A strange sort of quiet reigned over most of the area. That silence, however, was broken by a voice, a voice which had spoken several times before since the start of the situation.

"Howdy, y'all. It's only the four of you left now, so lemme give you the news on what's happened since last time.

"Jacqueline Conroy was on the bridge when it fell apart, and drowned in the river. It just ain't been a good week for drownings.

"Then Rebecca Clark shot Brian Larke and Samuel Wilson with arrows. She's like that... what's her name, Athena or something. The goddess with the bow who never misses.

"Anyways, time to say who's left.

"Rebecca Clark reminds me of the time my hunting dog went after a bad rabbit and we had to take him behind the shed and shoot him 'fore the rabies set in. She's killed a bunch of folks, so you'd better watch out for her.

"Kaede Tanaka tried to get some of the bad guys, but she didn't do so well. The question is, can she turn that around now? She'd better hope so, and the rest of y'all better hope she can't.

"Leo Raclaw's killed a few folks who'd killed a few folks. He's the only man left. That's almost lucky, huh, Raclaw? Too bad you're gonna have to fight 'em all.

"Finally, Renee Murphy has finally run out of people to hide behind. What's left, Ms. Murphy? Can you actually walk the walk and get out of here?

"We'll find out, 'cause it's time for all of y'all to finish this. The train's getting moving again. It'll stop and pick you up throughout the town, and then you'll get to ride it to the end. Only thing is, there's more'n one of you left then, I'll just let it skip the rails and go into the gorge. You wouldn't want that, now would you? I didn't think so. So, you better make sure only one of ya's breathing in the end. I'll talk with whoever it is soon. Good luck and God bless."

For a moment, the silence returned, but it was soon broken by a loud whistle, followed by the noise of a train starting to move once more.

And with that, it is time for Endgame. A forum for it has been created. Remember the activity rules:
wrote:Once it becomes your turn to post, you have six days to get a post up. If you fail to do so, your character gets yanked and inactive killed. It doesn't matter if you were supposed to win; inactivity will be enforced. Being Away is still allowed, but we're hoping to avoid huge delays caused by handlers being gone for months at a time.

Please note that six days is the absolute maximum. Really, it should take you much less than that. Bookkeeping is going to be very strict on this; you can and will get busted if you stray over 144 hours at all.
Enforcement starts now, so we should see the Endgame thread started within six days.
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