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Sophie waited in silence for a few moments, hoping the other girl would reply. There was nothing. Sophie waited a few more minutes, then started to walk around the area of the quarry they had made camp in. Nothing still. After some time, it was clear to her where Kris was: anywhere but here.

There wasn't any blood or signs of conflict in the area. Kris probably got up and left at some point in the evening or during the announcement. Sophie lowered her head a bit and sighed. She was alone again. She thought she had found someone good to be around through this game, but that wasn't the case. Maybe Kris knew someone who was named on the announcement. Maybe there was someone she wanted to go find. Maybe there was someone she wanted to bury, either because they were killed or because they killed someone precious to her.

Or, maybe, she just didn't want to be around Sophie.

Sophie looked at her hands. They had gotten even more dirty and slightly scratched from sleeping in a rock quarry for the whole night. The whole island knew Sophie killed Jeanette. The man on the announcements had chosen some vague words. People would know she was a killer, just like Katarina Konipaski and Bridgette Sommerfeld and everyone else listed as a murderer. The fact that she got an early kill would probably mean they'd think she had snapped earlier than everyone else. For all Sophie knew, the whole island probably viewed her as a monster.

Sophie walked back over to her supplies, slinging the bag over her shoulder. She picked up her fishing pole and rested it against her other shoulder.

I'm not a monster. I did what Jeanette asked me. That's what I'll tell them.

Sophie closed her eyes and sighed. People were going to assume the worst about her, and the best she could do would be to dissuade them. She could go somewhere else; she could go somewhere no one else would find her. If they did, they'd see a girl with no real weapon and realize she wasn't a monster.

If they wanted to kill her despite all of that... then...

Sophie shook her head and started walking away from the quarry. She could think of that later.

((Sophie McDowell continued in he thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts))
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