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And so the path had been chosen.

Not by her, but that fact didn’t bother her much, at least for now. If she decided to speak, she’d agree about the direction - the cabin was in the middle of the woods, hard to find, it would be a good place to bunker down in - so the fact that she didn’t get a say was ignorable. At least for the time being. It would prove a problem later if she was the only one with the right idea, but right now it seemed as if they were all on the same page. Which was good, of course. It would be an issue if there was disharmony in the group. That could - that would - come later.

Right now, all she needed to do was to follow.

Anybody - even Brigid, with all her screaming and attracting attention - could do that.

“I’ll follow,” she said, looking behind at Brigid as she followed Christopher.

Her partner.

She smiled.

Step one - the first thing she needed to take if she were to be the one who won this game - was complete.
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"Ok. Let's go."

Brigid walked after them. She grabbed the bec de corbin with both hands and tightened her grip around them. The game was real, and she was most likely going to die here. She had gotten most of her fears and aggression out by screaming at the ocean, but there was always a chance that would return.

Brigid breathed in quietly, then exhaled. She'd have to be careful. The last thing she wanted was to go crazy and make a grave mistake because of it..

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