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man I don't even know what Anzu would be. She's spiteful and a general misanthrope, but she would die for any one of her friends and does have an aversion to actually harming people. She also actively avoids conflict, and really just wants the people she hates to just fuck off and leave her alone. She doesn't really have an explicitly thought up morality system for herself, and she spent a lot of the game going "fuck SOTF, fuck the people who watch it", some maybe Chaotic Neutral?

Erik is a lot easier. True Neutral. He's a generally friendly dude and all, but his primary motivation is, well, reporting on things, not trying to influence them in any way. The investigation of Jewel that lead to his death wasn't out of any sort of "oh, there are gunshots, someone is in trouble!" thinking, more of a "ooh, gunshots, something interesting has to be going on!" thing.
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Updated the OP. If anyone disagrees with where I put anybody tell me and I'll change it.
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Dougie Sharpe is Lawful Good - he had a strict code and morals that insisted on him not hurting/attacking anyone, including a woman who'd just murdered his best friend.

Matthew Weiss is Lawful Evil - He had no bones about murdering everyone and anyone that didn't matter to him, but he was unwilling to butcher people senselessly.
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The Homeless Beard wrote:Dougie Sharpe is Lawful Good - he had a strict code and morals that insisted on him not hurting/attacking anyone, including a woman who'd just murdered his best friend.
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MW, have I mentioned that I love you?
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Lukas Graves is either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. Yes, he's kind of a jerk, and part of the reason for his plan in-game was to stick it to a show that he hated. However, he did want to get as many people out of the game as possible, which is rather altruistic for the TV universe.

Angie Hart is Neutral Good. She wouldn't think of trying to harm anybody, and even when she's faced with a dangerous situation, she tries to find a peaceful solution. Even though she was scared out of her mind for pretty much her entire stint in the game, she never even though about throwing away her morals.

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