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((Start game for M03: Warren Davies))

There were strange shadows dancing on the dusty wooden wall. A floorboard creaked as Warren Davies sat up. He nearly cracked his elbow on the upright piano sitting at the edge of the room. The piano sat there alone, covered in a fine layer of dust, the cover pulled over its keys.

Warren looked around the room slowly, taking in as many of its details as he could. There were six large, circular tables with four chairs each. The farthest table in the corner had something sitting on it, possibly a plate of food. Across the room from Warren were the cliche swinging doors. To the right was the bar with about a dozen barstools. Behind the bar were a variety of bottles and glasses and mugs. Everything had the veneer of age.

Warren moved to stand up, but he bumped into a tan colored backpack made of tough canvas. When he tried to pick it up, he felt its weight. Wow, there must be a lot stuffed in there, he thought. He opened it up and found he was right. There was a selection of food, a well-stocked first aid kit, a map and compass, a flashlight, and most interestingly, a sawed-off shotgun and manual to go with it.

He picked up the pack and headed to the table in the corner. When he got close enough, he saw that what he had imagined was a plate of food was actually a deck of cards and a pile of poker chips of a few different colors.

The laugh burst out of him uncontrollably, then ended in a short coughing fit. He plopped the pack down on the poker table, sat down in the darkest, shadowiest part of the table and pulled out the gun's manual and the map. He tried to begin studying them, but the question kept gnawing at the back of his mind: Where the hell am I?

((continued in The Good, the Bad, the Ohmigodwhatthefuck))

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