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Benny felt the shadows of Ramona and Patrick looking over his shoulder. It made things easier to read - the map didn't look as washed out as it did illuminated by so much bright light. From what the two of them had said, he started to agree with them. The town would probably have a lot of people, not to mention that they would pass through a lot of territory on the way there - someone might have the same idea they did and hop on the railroads in search of people.

Patrick had also just dubbed them the Theatre Trio. That had a nice ring to it. It made them sound intrepid, it gave them a context - anything but aimless wandering and wondering. He figured he should make the arrangement official.

He said, "That sounds like a good idea. Let's head into town." He took a look up at the sky to try to figure out where south was, before realizing there was a much better indicator - the river. It was flowing to his left - that meant they would have to go across the bridge. That just so happened to be in the opposite direction Ramona came from, if he remembered correctly. It'd be a shame to have walked all the way across to exit stage left when you were supposed to enter on the right in the next scene.

Benny stood up and folded his map up neatly. He put it in the sporran on the front of his kilt - better to have easy access. As he reached in, he noticed it was conspicuously missing his wallet and cell phone. Did they seriously think that he was going to be able to use his wallet out here? You couldn't do anything with money out here - there was probably nothing to buy. For some reason, the possible real utility of cell phones, and the consequent lack of towers, never came to his mind. He said, "I think it's this way." And with that, he started to walk off into the great expanse, with only a couple of people and a couple of metal rails for company.
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"That sounds like a good idea. Let's head into town."

Patrick nodded. "Alright, then. To town." This was good, they seemed to be making progress. Hopfully they'd find some of their friends there. They needed as many allies as they could find if they wanted to find a way out of this place.

Benny folded up his map and put it back in his backpack. He picked it up and slung it over his shoulder. "I think it's this way," he said and proceeded to march off with Ramona toward the south end of the bridge.

Patrick slung his own backpack on, following the pair toward what seemed like a vast desert. With luck, they'd find a way through this.

Luck did seem nice right now, didn't it?

(Patrick Reynolds, Ramona, and Benny/The Theatre Trio continued in I Can Hear the Bells)
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23:01 Dano: Well then
23:01 Dano: mathmatically speaking
23:01 Dano: i can't see in the dark with my glasses on, but i have my glasses off, and since a negative times a negative is a positive
23:02 Dano: i should be able to see no problem, right?
23:02 Kilmarnock: Nope, sorry.
23:02 Kilmarnock: The modifier just keeps increasing until you can't see, even on a 20.
23:02 Dano: But math!
23:02 bacon: Should, but life is stupid like that.
23:02 kervin555: Actually, using real math, this should be addition not multiplication.
23:02 kervin555: Glasses add on to your vision, not multiply it.
23:02 fanatic: we prefer to use imaginary math
23:02 bacon: Imaginary?
23:03 Rugga_dialtone: What if I die before the thousand years is up?
23:03 Dano: It works in my favour more often than real math
23:03 fanatic: the land of pretend bacon
23:03 bacon multiplies everything by the square root of negative three.
23:05 kervin555: I just saved this conversation and am in the process of sigging it.
23:05 Rugga_dialtone: Oh goodness
23:05 Dano: Shit
23:06 Dano: That
23:06 Dano: will steal my soul
23:06 Dano: like an internet camera
23:06 Kilmarnock: Oh, you won't die...
23:06 Rugga_dialtone: I'm in so many sigs that would make me a souless she devil
23:06 kervin555: ...I'm saving that, too.
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23:12 kervin555: What do you mean no hablo signature?
23:12 Dano: he doesn't speak signature
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23:13 fanatic: No from Venduvia
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