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Name: Erik Sheely
Gender: Male
Age: 16
School: Davison Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Cheerleading, Reading, Music

Appearance: Erik is a Caucasian male with green eyes and brown, scraggly hair. He is clean-shaven and has a softly curved face. His nose is around averaged size, as is his lips. Due to being a cheerleader, his muscles are developed and he stands at a height of approximately 6’2”, weighing in at 152 lbs.

When being filmed for SOTF: TV, he was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, jeans, black socks and a pair of black athletic shoes.

Biography: Erik’s parents, Samuel and Christie Sheely, conceived Erik in Denver, Colorado. His mother had a stable job working as an accountant in a national firm while his father stayed at home.

Growing up, Christie showed various videos of national cheerleading videos to her son. A former cheerleader, she wanted Erik to go down a similar path due to the found she found when she did do cheerleading. Due to his early exposure, Erik grew up to develop an interest in cheerleading.

As soon as he was 5 years old, her mother found a local gym that had a tiny cheer team and signed Erik up to take part. From there, he continued to take part in cheerleading, growing stronger the older he got.

While Christie influenced her son’s influence on cheerleading, his father spent his time with him reading books. At first, these books were like Eragon and Harry Potter. As he progressively got older, his father gave him more challenging books such as The Lord of the Rings and Sherlock Holmes, which he enjoyed.

The costs of the gym were starting to pile up and it was getting to the point when Erik was starting school that Christie was not able to afford it on her salary alone. Knowing that their son loved to cheer, his father searched for a job and eventually found work as a cashier in a shopping mall. The money he gained from that job helped them have just enough money to sustain themselves.

From then on, Erik's parents, especially his mom, were tough on him and pushed him to continue cheerleading. There were times where he wanted to quit the team, but his mom never let him, telling him that both her and her husband made sacrifices to allow him to even stay in the gym and that he needed to "toughen up". Over time, this caused Erik to become hesitant to come to his parents with problems, especially his mother.

Spending most of his time within his local gym, Erik didn’t spend a lot of time at first with the kids from his school. Even within school, he was not a big fan of talking to others, normally reading books in the corner of the cafeteria during recess. While he was approached and made friends with a few kids from his school, he didn’t spend a large amount of time with them.

Moving into middle school, Christie’s bank transferred her to Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father was unable to find a new job in New Mexico and thus, they couldn't afford the gym fees that were required. Sad at leaving his gym and not being able to cheer, he spent his first few days locked in his room, reading books to try to get over his sadness. At this time, he also discovered music, finding it an effective way to deal with his sadness while reading his books.

Transferred to Davison Secondary School, he immediately joined the school’s cheerleading team. Due to his experience, he started to emerge as one of the strongest talents within the group. The other students noticed this though, and quite a few started to bully him, saying that cheerleading was a “girly sport” and used homophobic slurs against him.

He reacted to this by further retreating to his shell. While he found he was able to express himself and be happy during cheerleading, he hid in bathrooms during recess to prevent being found by the bullies and read books. While he was friends with his fellow cheerleaders, he didn’t want to bring them into his problems and distanced himself from them. He found it hard to tell his parents about it, afraid they would say again he needed to "toughen up" and deal with this problem on his own.

Towards the end of middle school, he finally felt that he could not take it anymore and talked to his parents about the situation at school. That evening, the family had an informal meeting and talked to Erik about his problems. They told him that he was amazing, and that nothing that they said was true at all. The next day, his parents approached the principal about the bullying situation and eventually managed to get the kids suspended for bullying Erik in the first place and the principal confronted their parents about the issue.

After that, things got better for Erik as he started to gain confidence in himself again. While it was a slow process, he started spending less of his time outside of bathrooms and more time spent with his fellow cheerleaders, who he began to grow close to.

Erik's relationship with his parents is somewhat complicated due to their history. On one hand, Erik is intimidated by them, especially his mother, due to them pushing him into doing cheerleading and telling him to "toughen up" when he was really young. This has made it hard for him to approach them with personal problems due to him not knowing whether or not they would take it seriously. On the other hand, Erik realizes that he wouldn't be the person he is today without the encouragement and thus, really cares for the both of them. He now recognizes the sacrifices they made to allow him to cheer and he's grateful that they allowed him to do what he wanted to do, even when times were tough.

When in social situations, Erik rarely contributes to conversations. He tends to hold back his personal opinions and goes with what the group wants due to not wanting to mess with the dynamics. When pressed, he will give his opinion though. He finds it hard to socialize with people that he doesn’t know due to not wanting to aggravate them and thus, rarely starts up conversations with others.

Erik is not the person who is good at introductions and thus would need to be approached first for the possibility of a friendship. In 1 on 1 conversations, he would much rather listen and then respond, rather than give his own opinions. He's friendly to those who talk to him and within his circle of friends, he is known as the person to go to whenever people have problems. He's used to giving advice and is always happy to make others happy.

He has grown up to be independent, taking the concept of "toughening up" to heart. He is able to function on his own and has no problems doing so, not wanting to have to rely on other people for any problems he face. If he does face problems, he will normally try to deal with them on his own and distances himself from his friends. He does this because he doesn't want his friends to get hurt by getting involved in his issues. While this independence allows him to be emotionally strong, it also makes it harder for him to approach people when he does need help and will only do so at the worst case scenario.

When he is doing cheerleading, Erik almost becomes an entirely different person, as he feels able to fully express himself. He is able to put on a very good happy face and his voice can reach very loud levels. It’s due to his years of experience that he is able to do this and people who initially meet him are surprised to learn he is actually a cheerleader in the first place.

Erik is a casual fan of SOTF: TV, not too invested into nor does he outright abhor it. He doesn’t really like talking about it though due to the sensitive nature of the program and normally sits quietly and listens to everyone else talk.

His grades, except in P.E., are somewhat average, mostly obtaining low B’s in all of his subjects. Due to his physical bulk, he is very good in P.E, pretty easily scoring A’s every year. He is not really that invested in school, mainly aiming to pass with relatively decent grades.

Due to being focused into cheerleading from a young age, he doesn’t really know what else he wants to do except cheerleading. He hasn’t told his parents about his lack of aspirations apart from cheerleading, due to not wanting to see how they react. He is perfectly happy just cheerleading and the occasional thought of coaching after getting to old to cheer.

Advantages: His physical bulk allows him to overpower over students more easily and his high fitness from cheerleading can help him keep his stamina up for longer. His independence can also allow him to sustain himself better even if he is on his own.
Disadvantages: His quiet nature could make it hard for him to develop alliances with his fellow classmates. His independence would make it hard for him to approach anyone with his problems, making his situation harder than him than it may necessarily be.

Designated Number: Tan Bats 1 (TB1).


Designated Weapon: Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Mentor Comment: "He's gotta have something on his side if he lasted as a cheerleader. Back in Rock Springs, we had a guy try cheerlading one time, just as a joke for a day. I think it took a week for the boot print to wash off his ass. It's still a sin, of course, but what better a crucible to bring a lost sheep back into the fold?"

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