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As he wandered from Classic to Cult something caught his eye. A cartoon called Invader Zim, which seemed to have run for just three seasons. It was sold in a box set and had a great price tag, considering that it was a complete series. He couldn't resist.

Michael picked up the second to last box and made his way to the register. He did a little quick math to figure out how much he'd be paying for it, then redid the math when he remembered that sales tax had been raised from six to eight percent on entertainment media a few months prior.

"Still, not bad," he said to himself as he laid his item on the counter. As the associate rang him up she smiled at the item. "My older brother got me into this show. Great choice."

Michael fished out his wallet and pulled out a couple of notes. "Yeah, I've caught some clips online, so I'm excited."

The clerk bade him a good day as they finished the transaction and as Michael left the shop with his prize in tow he debated what to do with the rest of his afternoon at the mall.

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