Subject C08 - Ashlie Jackson

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Name: Ashlie Jackson
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Grade: 12
Hobbies and Interests: Photography, Art, Raves, Clubbing

Appearance: Ashlie is about average in terms of height at 5'4", and weighs about 140 lbs. She is slightly chubby, with healthy amounts of baby fat in her face, stomach, and upper legs. Her hair is naturally brown, although it has recently been dyed a bright pink, and it about shoulder length. She has brown eyes. Ashlie has a total of 5 piercings. She has her ear lobes pierced, along with the cartilage of her left ear, her left eyebrow, and the left nostril.

Clothing wise, Ashlie likes to wear plain tank-tops, often black, and greyish Capri pants. She has no less than 6 beaded bracelets of various colours, three on each wrist. Unfortunately for her, on the day she was abducted, she was wearing a pair of black heeled sandals.

Biography: Ashlie Jackson was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, the only child of a somewhat volatile couple. Her parents would divorce when she was 2, and her mother would retain custody of her. As such, Ashlie didn't know her father very well, although she would see him during Christmas throughout her childhood.

Growing up with a single parent was tough. Her mother would work two jobs while going to college part time, just barely being able to support herself and Ashlie. She tried her best to make sure Ashlie didn't look like her clothes were from the thrift store, and as such would buy her clothes that were slightly out of their budget. While this made it so Ashlie was never picked on in school, it also gave her a bad sense of budgeting down the line.

Ashlie's school life was fairly normal. Early in her life, at about age 10 or so, she became really interested in art and photography, and eventually convinced her mom to buy her a camera. Ashlie carried this camera with her everywhere, taking pictures of anything that caught her interest. In high school she became the school newspaper's official photographer, taking pictures of various high school events. Grade wise she was a fairly average student, usually scoring in the high 70's.

Ashlie finds it easy to gain the trust of others, however she more often than not breaks that trust in her first opportunity Constantly borrowing money and various items from her friends without paying them back, even after promising she would, or spreading gossip about people when they thought their secrets were safe, Ashlie quickly gained a reputation of being untrustworthy. So far in her high school career she has accumulated a total debt of about $1500, and has lost many friends over this fact.

When Ashlie was 16, she would be taken to her first rave by one of her older friends. After paying off the bartender to allow her in, Ashlie immediately found herself enthralled with the scene. Since then, her clothing choices mimicked those she had seen at the rave, including her throwing out all of her old shoes and refusing to wear anything but heels. She now goes to raves at least once a month, and always ends up picked up by a random stranger by the end of the night.

Personality wise, Ashlie is good at making a front. On the outside, she is kind, happy, and caring, but in reality she is known around her school for being narcissistic, manipulative, and back-stabbing, always looking for the next poor person to exploit. As such, not many people around her area will trust her, but since no one knows her in the group, she may be able to gain trust quickly and somewhat easily.

Advantages: Ashlie is very good at gaining trust, especially with those who don't know of her reputation. It is easier for her to gain the trust of males, through subtle, "innocent" body gestures, and isn't afraid to do what it takes to get what she wants. She has good stamina due to her constant raving.

Disadvantages: Ashlie is physically weak in all other areas but stamina. She's not very strong, fast, or agile, and if she comes across anyone more manipulative than her, she can easily fall into their trap, thinking she's the one manipulating.


Mutation Classification: Sonic Distortion

Conclusion: Vile girl. Tape her mouth back up and throw her into the ravine.
SOTF: Evolution


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