Here are the profiles of all the students who competed in Season 66, as well as the teams to which they were assigned.


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Name: Corin Albanesi
Gender: Male
Age: 17
School: Whittree Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Pottery, sketching, baseball, first aid and jogging.

Appearance: Corin stands at 5’9” and weighs in at around 135 lbs, he has long legs and this gives him a slightly lean appearance. His skin is an Olive tone, due to his family’s mixed Central American and Italian ancestry. His face is an oval shape with a strong jawline. Other facial features are a button shaped nose and large brown eyes framed by straight thick brows. His hair is loose and wavy, cut short to keep out of his face and a dark brown tone.

His mouth is an average width for his face, and the lips are rather full. He has some sprouting facial hair, but tends to keep it shaved down to just stubble. It is common to see scratches from the shaving razor on his cheeks, and there is a fading scar from a shaving accident on his chin. Were he to allow it to grow out, the hair would be quite thick as he is a particularly hairy.

Generally he’ll be dressed in a hoodie, jeans and sneakers on the days that he thinks he’ll be doing sports. Sometimes he’ll dress in flannel and the like when it suits him. On the day of casting he was wearing weathered dark blue jeans, a white shirt, cream coloured Aran Sweater and brown worker boots. His accessories included a silver ring on the right hand, and a hemp bracelet that he made himself.

Biography: Corin’s mother, Lydia Ramos, graduated from university at the age of 29. She finished with a degree in Dental Hygiene and a Doctor of Dental Medicine. In her late years of studying, she met the man that would later become her husband, Alfonso Albanesi. They were both the first generation of their families to be raised Oklahoma. He was a few years her junior, in both age and education, being 27 at the time of her graduation. Originally he asked her to help tutor him, but she declined, as her study load did not allow enough time. Despite this he continually socialised with her, despite dropping out of his course later as he could not keep up with the class, was prone to losing schedule and partying instead of working.

Lydia began to date Alfonso in her final year of study, the two later married after two years and Corin was born eight months after, on the 14th of September. Alfonso held a job as a factory packer when they first married until Lydia found hers. After Lydia became the primary bread winner, she left Alfonso to be a stay at home husband. It wasn’t something that a party boy like Alfonso was suited to, and at first the cries of an infant left him rather frustrated. Additionally, his handling of the child was rough, not out of spite but because he did not know any the best way to support the infant when holding him and that worried Corin’s mother while she was away. It took him some time to learn from his wife as she was busy, and he was often lost for how to handle his son.

Corin’s father never minded his language around the infant, so as a toddler Corin was prone to saying the word fuck for a time, though thankfully he got over it with a bit of parental coaching and panic. Around the age of three, his mother was comfortable enough in her job that she could commit more time to spending with the family. Around the time he could talk and comprehend what was being said to him, his parents began to take him out more as a family. At around that age it was easier for his father to deal with him, so he embraced the time they had together by trying to teach him how to catch using an adult sized mitt. Those years were simple and enjoyable for the family.

At the age of five Corin was finally able to attend Kindergarten, it was a difficult and tear filled parting with his father and mother. Corin was difficult on his first day, but settled in well after a while. Corin enjoyed his new social life around the other children. This was good and a part of life, though it left his father feeling a bit lonely and with a lot of time in his hands. Alfonso would later take a receptionist role at Lydia’s clinic when the position emptied up.

Corin’s early school reports indicate that in primary school, he was inclined to working well on subjects that involved creativity and was average in other subjects other than sport, which he excelled at. He participated in baseball as it was his primary interest, he was a powerful pitcher for his age and difficult to catch. However, he could not handle playful teasing or negative interaction very well and easily broke into tears. On one occasion when he became over bearing to a female friend, she had pushed him to indicate that she wanted space. Having landed on his backside, he began to cry not from the pain but the shock of what had happened.

At the age of eight he experienced his first allergic reaction; Corin had been playing in the school yard with some friends. He had sat on a bench for a rest and not noticed that there was a wasp on it. His hand brushed too near and it had repeatedly stung him until he brushed it off in a screaming panic and another child crushed it repeatedly with a binder. The same boy reached for the patrolling teacher once he started wheezing, crying and swelling. By the time she was near he looked pale; she removed the sting and made him sit.

With the design of Epipen device in the first aid kit being the way it was at the time, she came very close to pricking herself in the thumb with the needle by accident in a concerned panic. The teacher was luckily able to administer it, despite the near fumble and Corin was sent to the hospital to recover. Corin later attributed his first allergy survival to this teacher, Caroline Winter and the young girl named Susanne. His parents were thankful in the same way, his mother’s stomach has twisted in awful knots when she heard and his father thought his heart has almost gave the first time he learned of it. From that point Corin’s back pack usually had an EpiPen inside of it.

Nothing remarkable happened for a time, Corin’s interest with television was brief; he saw that his dad would watch SOTF-TV but didn’t share a similar interest. He was too sympathetic to the characters, who his father assured were fictional when he thought he was too young to know about it. Many episodes would leave him feeling ill, and tearful, somewhat helpless as sort of wished he could make it stop. It was a naïve thought from a boy who thought peace around the world was actually something achievable. Usually while his father watched the show in a slack jawed fascination, he played outside in the backyard to shut it out, sometimes with his mother, but usually he was alone much to his chargin. Because of that, he couldn’t help but feel resentful to his father. He looked down a bit on his father for being senseless, though he would never admit it aloud.

Two months after his tenth birthday, he found out that he would be getting a sibling. He was excited about it, and his hopes were that it would be a girl. He was able to see his mother more, and he spent a lot of time feeling around her belly for the child. To him, her name was going to be Caroline, and this he insisted should be the name if it was a girl. He didn’t really care much for boy names and didn’t suggest any. When the time came he waited outside the hospital room with his father. He had wanted to enter, but his father told him to that it really wasn’t something that he wanted to see. Later Corin could understand what his father meant after sexual education classes, as the reasoning for it clarified after that. When his sister was born she was named Caroline, and he was able to hold her, he looked up at his father he told him that he knew that it would be a girl.

As he grew with his sister he spent much of it doting on her, he treated her almost like she was made of porcelain. The years passed and both children grew, Corin made it into Whittree Secondary School. His interests were largely the same; he enjoyed pottery and sketching classes, maintaining a relatively high grade as an average for that class. He also excelled in P.E classes, and became very serious about baseball, taking pride in the fact that his pitching made some of the batters flinch and recoil from the ball. His other grades were very average, with only mathematics averaging with low passes as he maintained very little interest. He once failed a music assessment, as he became too shy to perform in front of the others in his class and froze up.

He takes classes and workshops outside of school for arts and craft, once making bracelets with his and his sister’s names on them. The one with his name is in the possession of his sister, and the one with her name is the one that he typically wears. He also took a first aid course out of interest with his mother and has the certificate in a folder at home; specifically he was interested in the allergies part of the course. On weekends he usually jogs in the park with his father in the morning, as his father has become over weight over the years.

He bends easily to peer pressure, notably changing his thoughts on the show SOTF-TV according to who he speaks with. This makes it difficult for his peers to decipher the actual opinion that he had on the show. It was something that was done on his part to try and please everyone, as he is afraid of being ostracised. Over all his personality can be seen as quite forgiving, he lacks a stern attitude and can be interpreted as a pushover. He is also shy around those that he likes, and finds a little difficult to approach them for the first time as he puts too much pressure on himself. He is most confident in the art class room and baseball field, and is most often seen with a smile in those settings.

Advantages: He has a very hard swing and throw from years of playing baseball, and is good at cardio vascular activities such as running, he has a moderate knowledge of first aid skills due to taking a class outside of school.
Disadvantages: Can bend a bit easily to peer pressure, he is allergic to wasp stings which could be deadly as he requires an EpiPen Device.

Designated Number: Team Silver Scorpions 5 (SS5)


Designated Weapon: Alejandro Sniper Rifle

Mentor Comment: "Every team needs something of a 'Yes-Man' aboard, and Mr. Albanesi fits the bill as a 'dumb muscle' archetype. All he needs is a mastermind to do the thinking for him. I'm curious to see who he tosses his allegiance to - if managed correctly, he would likely die for said leader."
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