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SS1: Bunny Barlowe
School: Whittree Secondary
Weapon: Razor Sweet Pea Scooter

SS2: Pia Malone
School: Whittree Secondary
Weapon: Vektor SP1

SS3: Shadi Williams
School: Davison Secondary
Weapon: Hikory Cane

SS4: Austin White
School: Davison Secondary
Weapon: Golden Retractable Spyglass

SS5: Corin Albanesi
School: Whittree Secondary
Weapon: Alejandro Sniper Rifle


'The Shrink'

"Precedent indicates that participants will experience poor decision making. My advantage is understanding and then countermanding said decisions."

Name: Toby Schrieber
Age: 59
Gender: Male

Appearance: Toby stands at 5'9", and weighs precisely 151 lbs. His hair is a salt and pepper mix of grey and white, combed off of his receding hairline and slicked back with ruthless efficiency. His face is marked with dignified wrinkles, including lines that frame constantly downturned lips and crow's feet around dark brown, nearly black eyes. On his nose are golden, circular glasses that magnify his pupils somewhat. He has a penchant for suits in spotted grey or brown, and his clothing is always meticulously ironed and polished.

Biography: Dr. Toby Schrieber has been a professional psychologist and sociologist for nearing thirty five years, specializing in cases of post traumatic stress disorder. For the majority of his career, he’s tended to and focused on soldiers who had seen heavy combat, writing many prize winning papers and theses on the subject of PTSD and how it affects family and public life. For the past six years, Dr. Schrieber has been asked about and hounded for his clinical evaluations and professional opinions on the psychosis of contestants of SotF, which he has mostly refused and refuted at every turn.

Following the incident with George King, however, producers of SotF have brought him onto the staff as a risk assessment for winners of SotF, where he evaluates and determines what stressors and triggers will render each winner potentially useless in the press tour following the game. Surprised by his openness and delighted by his lack of social tact, the SotF higher ups tossed him in as a mentor for the newest season, expecting amusing results. Toby is clinical and cold when speaking to other people, often treating them more as subjects to be scrutinised rather than human individuals. He has no children of his own, no family outside of a distant sister, and considers his tenure as an SotF mentor an unecessary stressor but an intriguing psychologocial and sociological experiment that his scientific background can't help but partake in.

Team Conclusion: Will the Scorpions be able to recover from their own poisonous mentality? Or will the other teams feel the sting of defeat?

Mentor Comment: "A most peculiar mixing of psychological outlooks, derived from fascinating sources. I look forward to studying them under the duress that SotF puts on the psyche."
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