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February 22nd, 2014, 1:55 am #16

That sounds fine. Taylor can be goth loli.
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February 22nd, 2014, 3:29 am #17

Princess Dress for Anastasia. (Thinked pimped out dress, totally glitz and glam and other adjectives describing overfashioned)

Impracticality FTW!
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February 22nd, 2014, 3:57 am #18

Fundoshi for Lukas.

Tiger striped tube top & short shorts for Angie.

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February 22nd, 2014, 10:53 am #19

Top hat and cape for Shawn. Not sure how much glitter it'll have yet, but I'm thinking a lot.

And for Alice, I hadn't given it thought till now but I'm thinking little red riding hood. Because why not?
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February 22nd, 2014, 12:16 pm #20

Military uniform in the style of imperial Germany for Vincent.

19th century swimwear for Lisa.
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February 22nd, 2014, 1:04 pm #21

Seashell bikini for Cathryn : D

I'll post again once my other character's up.
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jimmydalad - Today at 1:42 AM
Also, how much protein and stuff is in human meat?

Professor Fether - Today at 12:46 PM
Also now you've gotta do me.
Zee - Today at 12:46 PM
oh bby
The Homeless Beard(e) - Today at 12:46 PM
I do you, you do me.
Tell me when you get here how serious we're being.
Cause I will go in.

Ruggahissy - Today at 1:30 PM
I dont know if v6 had an all beige girl or boy
Aura? - Today at 1:30 PM
The streak is broken?
Ekanselttar - Today at 1:31 PM
if you streaked would that count as all beige? :eyes:
Ruggahissy - Today at 1:31 PM

Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
to be fair
rolle don top - Today at 10:24 AM
looks cross
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
i thought a fleshlight was like
rolle don top - Today at 10:24 AM
I'm innocent
not pure
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
a sexy flashlight up until now
Lolo - Today at 10:24 AM
rolle don top - Today at 10:24 AM
ok Yugi is more pure than me
I at least knew it was a sex toy
Zee - Today at 10:24 AM
how would you make a flashlight sexy, I'm curious
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:24 AM
well like
a flashlight you would use in sexual intercourse
Lolo - Today at 10:25 AM
Vole dog yo bro - Today at 10:25 AM
shine a light up the butthole I guess

Somersault - Today at 7:25 PM
safe sex ppl
i may actually do that

higuyugi no naku koro ni - Today at 7:30 PM
...I just realized you have my fleshlight thing in your signature, mara fleshlight chat log, not my actual fleshlight

A Werewolf Chewing Naft's Shoes - Today at 5:32 PM

bob avapeian - Today at 2:07 PM
i must hear the brown note, straight from kyle’s manly lips

THE NOTORIOUS Y.U.G - Today at 9:06 AM
@tha real sugar daddy can I get your nipple

Polybius - Today at 1:43 AM
I saw sheep and I came immediately

icecube - Today at 1:44 AM
poly say hello to my chat sig
Polybius - Today at 1:45 AM
Aura? - Today at 1:45 AM
Hello, Mara's chat sig.

Yugikun - Today at 8:58 AM
the real tearjerker is kermit's continued and frequent attempts to make everett relevant, even long after his death

Dr. Dreidel - Today at 2:44 PM
make me one with the machine of holiday greed

50 Shades of Gay - Today at 11:24 AM
there's probably an AU where you're a marine biologist and literally swimming in dick if that helps???

Noël Naft - Today at 11:49 PM
I was also referencing that I'm terminal in SC2
??Holiday Cactus ?? - Today at 11:49 PM
Way to go! That's a great feeling.

Petra Siu - Today at 11:46 AM
We are not horny baby birds!

After Riki - Today at 7:17 AM
ree-ing softly in the distance

your big wet baby boy - Today at 11:28 AM
i think of ethan’s bare ass every time i drive to work

Samoyed Pulling A Sleigh - Today at 12:46 AM
i've never even mentioned the word sex before

"His salty mess invaded her." - Today at 10:30 AM
i blow nothing tho :/

dmboogie - Today at 1:27 AM

I'm a Chartreuse Kermit! ? - Today at 2:18 PM
:hearts: :eggplant: :heart_eyes: I'd invade Damien's phallic peninsula any day :heart_eyes: :peach: :hearts:

THE VEGANZABUS - Today at 8:36 PM
@Laurels, if a hyena came through camp and ate our mush and after he ate it he turned around and licked his hind end - did he do it because that was the animal instinct, or to get the taste of mush out his mouth? What do you think?
Laurels - Today at 8:37 PM
I think you know more about licking your own asshole than I do, Yugi, so I don't think you'd need my opinion

Frozen Smoke - Today at 1:13 AM
Don’t forget the incest

KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 1:56 AM
Sex Buddha PWNED - Today at 1:56 AM

KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 2:18 AM
screaming orgasms are really good

Sex Buddah - Today at 12:24 PM
Blermit no
That’s Spanish for “Blermit no”

KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 10:45 PM
I have also never seen a cockroach wow!!!
in other words, please be true☆ - Today at 10:45 PM
just go look in the mirror
KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 10:45 PM
I will slice you into four pieces and scatter your remains
in other words, please be true☆ - Today at 10:47 PM
dont forget to burn them
KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 10:47 PM
Shit ur right
Otherwise they'll try and reform
in other words, please be true☆ - Today at 10:47 PM
you have to seal my true form in one innocent child too
so they can become the Hokage
KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 10:48 PM
Wow I love one piece
in other words, please be true☆ - Today at 10:48 PM
hey its not that
it's Sound! Euphonium
KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 10:48 PM
Isn't that the sequel to dragonball
KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 10:48 PM
Starring Joseph Joestar
in other words, please be true☆ - Today at 10:48 PM
no its the prequel duh
get your mirai nikki facts right before you speak
KERMITRON 2000 - Today at 10:49 PM
I'm sorry the last anny may I watched was king of the hill
in other words, please be true☆ - Today at 10:49 PM
well duh you would watch that, you obiously never watched Peppa Pig

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February 22nd, 2014, 2:33 pm #22

Genni: Basketball Jersey and Shorts with the logo of the "Tune Squad" from Space Jam. Back of the Jersey reads BUGS, with the number 1 underneath.

Eden: Jean Grey Phoenix costume

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February 22nd, 2014, 3:29 pm #23

Playboy bunny and police officer costumes for Bunny and Lucia.
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February 22nd, 2014, 3:50 pm #24

Pimp suit (team colour maybe?) and Banana Suit

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February 22nd, 2014, 5:32 pm #25

A (Not entirely accurate until i update the image a bit) Admiral uniform for Corin. It's a basic boots, gloves, pants, shirt, hat and coat combo, mostly in a dark navy colour. No sword or toy sword included, ((maybe a thin bendable flimsy plastic scabbard if it's allowed, the plastic will crack as the scabbard is melded into the belt if he tries to remove it.))
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February 22nd, 2014, 6:39 pm #26

I was convinced to do a silly fanservice costume.

Claiming sexy harlequin for Naomi.
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February 22nd, 2014, 10:11 pm #27

Also with the silly - Big Bird costume minus the head. ^^
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22:16 Wes Please tell me it was the right to literal bear arms, and favored legalizing certain forms of plastic surgery.
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22:16 Wes YES
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00:45 Unpy That and travel expenses
00:45 Wes If I saw a planet full of dinosaurs, I'd be headed there as fast as I could.
00:46 Imehal ^
00:46 Wes It does explain why they'd want to kill us, though. I'd want to kill me if I showed up instead of dinosaurs.
00:46 Courtney lucky aliens :c

02:37 Imehal Gah. Compulsion to click every smiley to turn it back.
02:37 Persy hahaha...yeah...>_>
02:37 Persy I know that feel Ime
02:38 Naft
02:38 Ohm
02:38 Imehal ...
02:38 Ohm LOOK AT IT
02:38 Persy :/
02:38 Rattlesnake whoa
02:38 Imehal I shouldn't have said anything.
02:38 Naft please tell me you saw that coming.
02:38 Imehal Oh gods yes.
02:38 Naft you know me well enough by now to know when I'm coming.
02:38 Naft ...
02:38 Imehal snorts.
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February 22nd, 2014, 11:10 pm #28

Eh, screw it.

Rainbow Dash suit (minus the head) for Colin.
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February 22nd, 2014, 11:45 pm #29

Dee's gonna get a Cowgirl outfit. It's going to consist of some daisy duke shorts, a pair of cowgirl boots, and a top that's tied up to reveal her midsection. Because she's so short, it would probably be a child's outfit, making the sex appeal kind of... unsettling.

Aidan's gonna get a Liberace outfit. Behind the candleabra indeed. It consists of a garish robe, complete with cape and feathered collar.

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Dr. Freud
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February 23rd, 2014, 4:01 am #30

Lily's going to be getting a gimp suit (minus the mask because Toben sucks).
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