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Believe it or not, there were times where Anna Hitchins didn't have a camera strapped to her hand or glued to Anthony's. She wasn't just a 24-hour camera girl who lived behind the lens, sometimes she was just so much more. Believe it or not, she had other responsibilities that she had to hover over, like making sure the sister her youngest didn't do anything drastic.

Like run away and go live with her boyfriend, ie. what happened almost 2 hours ago.

Well, not that Anna was completely worried about that, god no. Her mom wanted her to go look for her, make sure she didn't really do that. Of course, this was the routine, how it always went down; she'd get fed up with mom and dad, she'd pack her handbag, and then she'd get Chino (her latest boyfriend, more alcohol in his blood than an unlucky hospital patient with an even unluckier IV mixup) to drive her to his house. Then, lo and behold, she'd realise how fucking wrong she was, then she'd call Anna herself a few hours later, begrudgingly accepting her parents yells, and Anna would be forced to drive her skinny ass back home. Not even a fucking thank-you.

Every time this happened, she was forced to go out onto the streets of Detroit and find those white trash friends of hers, find where she was, and track her down, or at least that was the impression she sent her parents. She took this time to get a break from the house, take a drive down to some diner and get a burger, ignoring the fat and calorie pile-ons, and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Well, quiet on the other side. Anna was still quite a loud girl.

Tonight? Well, a McDonalds did nicely. Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, whatever she wanted she had the money for she'd get.

Anna parked the car in the littered and almost abandoned car-park, locked it, and pulled on her coat, before striding on into the fast-food joint.

What do you know, this place was abandoned as well, that was pleasant enough. She walked up to the middle-aged hair-netted cashier, and pulled out her wallet while her eyes shot glances at all the surrounding menus.

"Uh, okay, I'll have the Double Quarter Pounder Meal with, uh, lessee, Diet Coke," Anna started, rolling out a few piles of coins onto the counter "I'll have the medium, thanks. And don't ask me to supersize," she shot the cashier an ugly look, before she clicked in the order and received her money.

Few minutes later, she was sitting by the window with a burger in her hands as she looked out on the craptastical streets of the only city she ever knew.

Then took a whopping big bite out of her burger.

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[[Tiffany Dexter Continued From The Conclusion Of: Study Hard.]]

There was one thing Tiffany Dexter's family's Cafe didn't serve, and that was ice cream, or at least something resembling ice cream. She'd worked hard with her school work just now, and it was time for a treat. Now she wasn't exactly the type who wanted anything to do with McDonald's but they were convenient, as they were nearby and Tiffany didn't need to go far into the city, with all those thugs and such, just to go to a store or better ice cream place. Plus their soft serve ice cream cones weren't too bad. It was something at least, that fed into Tiffany's ice cream cravings.

It was a miracle her parents actually let her use the car today, as it was the only one they owned that worked. She parked it and walked to the fast food place. She passed by a window and saw her classmate Anna inside, eating a burger. Tiffany wasn't familiar with the menu at all. She just couldn't see herself eating any of that greasy expensive burgers, when her family's cafe had higher quality sandwiches, that were also much cheaper.

Tiffany gave a passing wave as she walked into the McDonald's. Anna Hitchins is a good girl. Loud yes, irritating sometimes yes, but who wasn't to Tiffany Dexter? At least Anna was one of the 10% of students in school who gave a damn about doing something with their lives, rather than wasting it and doing stupid shit, like most kids. That earned Anna, Tiffany's respect. Anna's mother, and Tiffany's father happened to be good friends as well. Both being out of work in the fledgling acting industry and all. Tiffany' heard horror stories about the Hitchins other daughter, defining everything Tiffany hated about the youth of Detroit Central. Tiffany was really glad, Anna wasn't like that either.

"I'll have a vanilla cone please." Tiffany paid with a coupon she had, before making her way out of there. But she decided to stop next to Anna's seat first, before she'd leave.

"Sister troubles again, Anna?" Tiffany was glad for once that her own sibling James, was timid and didn't give these kind of headaches to her. Tiffany eyed the messy burger. She knew that Anna would go out and eat on her spare time while looking for her sister Edie.

"You know, if you're hungry, you can always come to our cafe, for cheaper and..." Tiffany looked over her shoulder for any listening workers and then whispered "...better, sandwiches. I can always give you a discount, being that you and your mom are family friends and all..." Tiffany smiled.

"But cravings are cravings, I guess." She licked the soft serve cone, before the edge dripped on her hand.
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