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April 15th, 2011, 5:19 pm #31

"I'm fine," Jake replied. It wasn't often that he got frustrated or mad, but he didn't know what to do with Mae anymore. The look in her eyes as she attempted to do...whatever she was going to do with him was so desperate. What had happened to her in just four years? He remembered her in sixth grade, so happy, so normal. What had changed?

"I'm just worried about her," he added. "The Mae I know wouldn't have almost drowned like that. She barely even drinks. I mean, as far as I know."

Did he even really know Mae anymore? He looked at Madelyn, her was very weird to know that his own lips had just been pressed to hers. His mind wandered. It wandered to horrible places that would probably earn him a slap if Madelyn could read minds. Luckily she couldn't.

"I just hate being worried about my friends," he confessed. "I don't know what I'd do if anything of them got hurt."


Mae squeezed her eyes shut, wrapping the towel tighter around her nearly naked form. Thank God Madelyn had a big enough towel so she could comfortably remain covered while her dress dried on the windowsill. Her head was still spinning, and at this point she didn't know if it was because of the alcohol, her kiss with Shawn, or the disaster that was her attempted seduction of Jake.

Her skin grew hot as she felt the bedsprings squeak as someone sat down. She slowed her breathing, making it even as though she were asleep. It was easier this way. After Jake had yelled at her the last thing she wanted was more interaction.

It was Zach. She hoped that her heart suddenly racing didn't let on that she was awake. He talked. Man did he talk. Mae suppressed a frown as he went on about how she could have died. Mae might have just been a dancer, but her body was disciplined, once the no breathing thing became a problem she was very sure she could have made it to the top regardless of whether Shawn had jumped in to save her. However that sort of argument seemed rather moot at that point.

Zach told her that he loved her.

Mae didn't know what to do what that information. This was Zach, the sweet boy who wanted to see her dance recital, who looked at her with those amazing green eyes and seemed to understand her. Hell, at least someone did.

But what did he understand? Mae hardly understood herself, how could she expect someone else to? She thought of Shawn's sea green eyes as they walked. He barely knew who she was and thought she was someone worth talking to. Zach? Zach was a puppy. An adoring puppy that she cared for very much, but to what end?

Their fingers intertwined. She let it happen. What did she feel about him? It was too hard to think about, too unheard of at this point. She was kissing Shawn in front of dozens of people, there was no way she could just throw all of that away for some SOTF-TV fanboy with a crush.

A crush.

That's all it was.

After a few minutes of holding his hand, she fell asleep. It was a blessing for her, because she finally could stop thinking.

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April 15th, 2011, 7:33 pm #32

He stayed there for a few moments, looking over her form. He didn't know why, but he felt reassured by her presence. His limbs felt heavy, and his eyelids heavier still. He needed to sleep. Why not next to her? Curl up against his love? Feel his body against hers-

No. That was Shawns job.

Lucky bugger.

He realised where he was looking. He was staring, rather obviously at her bra covered chest. He blushed rather heavily and averted his gaze. He got up and got out, the tears drying on his face as he walked out, a huge, satisfied grin on his face.

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Things quieted down quickly. They always did in the aftermath of a big event. Everyone went their own ways, for the most part. Thing was, there were a few still sticking around, including a clump of girls. They seemed completely entranced by Shawn. Renée could begin to understand that. He was the man of the hour, the main event, and she, too, had to admit a great deal of admiration for him. He'd likely just saved a life. How many of her other classmates could say that?

However, given his current state of undress, and his clear interest in the girl he'd saved, Renée could tell that the attentions of the other girls were unwelcome and inappropriate. They were making him uncomfortable, invading his personal space and, well, sexually assaulting him, technically. That was just no good. Jealousy had nothing to do with it.

Renée started forward. Another boy, Jake, told the girls off to a small degree before she even got there. It was good, made her smile. Having someone else do the right thing was nice. She didn't turn away, though. She was going to have her word too.

"Hey," she said, coming up to the girls. "Don't you think you're being bitches? I mean, maybe you missed it, but Shawn was just kissing a girl. That means he's not available."

It was totally blunt, but that was fine; Renée wasn't going for tact. In some situations, especially with young preppy girls, the best thing to do was throw all the social rules out the window and force them into awkward positions.

Then, dropping them from her attention entirely, she turned to Shawn, smiled broadly, and said, "Nice save, hero boy. She's quite a catch."

Mae wasn't actually in Renée's social circle. She was a bit too concerned with what the popular kids thought for Renée to be entirely comfortable with her. Still, Shawn seemed a cool guy, so she'd trust his judgment on Mae.
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April 16th, 2011, 4:13 pm #34

Jake to the rescue. Shawn felt relieved. He came by telling the girl who grabbed Shawn's bum, to back off. He asked if Shawn was okay.

"Yeah Jake, I'm cool. Good thing you showed up though I-" Before Shawn could finish what he was saying, Jake told him, he'd be back. Then he was gone just as fast as he came. Once again outnumbered by these enamored group of girls.

"Hey!" Came a voice from behind. One Shawn recognized from a lengthy but interesting chat earlier. Renée had been watching it all go down and she didn't sound like she approved, at all. Shawn watched all three girls turn their attention to the increasingly closer Renée Carlson.

"Don't you think you're being bitches?" Shawn's expression changed to a very amused one, with a rarely seen toothy grin. Hearing the girls give a big Gasp in unison at the blunt words and delivery, caused Shawn to inadvertently blurt out a loud chuckle. He quickly covered his mouth with his left hand; not that any of the girls were paying attention to him at that moment.

"I mean, maybe you missed it, but Shawn was just kissing a girl. That means he's not available." Renée finished. "Fine." Said one of the visibly shocked and embarrassed girls, who got told off big time. All three left together, leaving Shawn alone, finally. Except Renée was still there.

Renée gave her own personal Congratulations to him, but Shawn wasn't really paying attention to that part. He was just happy, she had basically told those bothersome girls to scram.

"Renée..." He said, pointing two index fingers at her, with a small smile meaning 'you're so awesome,' and getting closer to her. As soon as he did, he outstretched his arms, crouched down, to level his height with her own stature and gave a big ole' friendly hug.

"Thank ya, Much my friend. You pretty much, saved me!" He lifted her off her feet a little bit, while trying to stand straight up, non-purposely. Renée was so light. It was actually very easy. He crouched down again to put her feet back down, with a friendly pat on the back. He quickly realized he was still kind of wet, and was about to back off when...

"Exciting party, I take it, huh lover-boy?" Shawn broke the hug and turned to the direction of the voice. It was his equally bohemian college aged sister, Jan.

"I came as soon as I heard the news." She said. What the? How did the news go back home that fast?

"Proud of you Bro." She was carrying some clothes in her hand. "Mom and Renaud are proud of you too, but Grandma Patty, near had a heart attack when she heard about it. She was really worried for you. She didn't want you getting hypothermia or something, after getting wet saving that girl, so she insisted I bring these extra clothes to you, and take you home right away."

It was a black shirt with a blazer; one of the ones Grandma Patty loved having Shawn wear, along with some nice dress pants with a belt, and shoes. Yeah, he wasn't going to look like the usual Hippy Shawn, but hey he was going home anyway, and the more reasons to make Grandma Patty relaxed and happy, the better.

"Hey there." Jan said with a friendly grin to the still nearby and probably surprised from being hugged by a half naked wet hippy hero, Renée. It was quite obvious that Jan saw the whole hug thing, and had misinterpreted the moment.

Shawn looked toward the house. He took the clothes off Jan's hands, giving her his used clothes in return. "I'll get dressed first, gotta see how the girl who almost drowned is doing, and I'll be back out in a few, if that's cool, Jan."

"No Probs, Shawn, I'll be waiting in the limo." He saw Jan give Renée a friendly nudge of the elbow. "Nice to meet you too." She said before, walking back to her mini limo.

"Uh don't mind my sis, Renée, she may or may not be high right now... By the way, I owe you one!" He said extending his hand into a fist bump. He smiled, also telling her again, like last time, he'd be happy to talk to her again soon, or watch those tv clips whenever she wanted, except hopefully not so soon, or in circumstances like those that had just happened. All in a light hearted, joking way of course.

He walked off with a peace sign, and "See Ya..." Going into the house to get dressed.

Shawn felt really clean. His hair, neater than usual after drying it. His blazer, dress pants, black shirt, and shoes, making him look like he was ready to go into Silver Dragon Academy, rather than looking like he had come from a house party. The only way you could identify him immediately, if you weren't a close friend, was with the over sized Retro Sunglasses he had brought to the party earlier, and continued to wear now. He looked pretty neat in this combo. Not usual, but it worked sometimes. Grandma Patty would deem this acceptable, compared to his usual.

He walked through the house, with party goers still giving their left over Congratulations, patting him on the back for his heroism, and what not. He was even offered a few celebratory drinks, which Shawn politely declined, citing his sister's mini limo outside waiting for him.

He continued walking, until he got to a hallway, with Madelyn and Jake talking nearby and walking down. "Uh what's up guys..." He trailed off before realizing Jake looked quite upset, and Madelyn a little flustered. Understandably of course, but for Jake he wasn't sure.

"Um, Did I miss something?" Shawn noticed the different expressions on their faces again and decided to change the subject. "Um... That's ok. Forget I asked. None of my business." He gave a small, warm, closed mouth smile, in an attempt to lighten up the unknown tension going on. "So ya, Thanks for helping Mae out here Mads. I kinda had to fend off some crazy girls trying to harass my ass, and all that wonderful stuff. Good thing Renée got them to leave."

"Where is Mae, by the way? I wanna see how she's doing." Mad motioned to a room somewhere around the corner down the hall. Shawn nodded and walked away, leaving the two to continue whatever it was they were talking about.

Shawn noticed the door was not fully closed. Well it was, but he didn't need to turn the door knob to open it. All he needed was to push the door open to get in. But he stopped himself cause he heard talking coming from inside.

Instead, Shawn quietly pushed the door open, just enough of a crack, to see or hear what was happening inside. He saw a boy, but he didn't recognize him from behind. Mae also looked asleep, it seemed. No need for Shawn to bother her right now. He closed it enough now, so that he could only hear what was being said, but not be seen either.

"I'm so glad you're okay, I cant put into words how much I want to thank Shawn..." Shawn raised his eyebrow at his name and listened closely now.

The voice sounded all broken up about this, blaming himself about the whole thing. The guy must've been really close to Mae. Then the bomb shell. That made Shawn feel guilty, for pretty much making out with Mae in front of about 1/5 of their school at this party.

"I love you... I love you more than anything, and-" "a-and, I'd do anything for you... But, I'm happy for you. You love Shawn, a-and I can deal with that." The guy said, concluding with telling Mae to stay safe, and that the guy would be there for her no matter what.

"...Whoa, That's Heavy..."

Shawn's throat felt dry as he said that to himself. He quietly put the door back to how it was. Shawn had to think about this for a while, maybe later at home. All he knew is that after tonight, people were going to expect Mae and him to be a couple. Yes, he was gonna stay a close as friend with Mae, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to go the more obvious direction. Especially not after what he had just heard. Shawn Morrison was no home wrecker, so to speak.

Of course he didn't want to upset Mae either. Although he didn't know if it was real anymore, there had been some magic there earlier. The multiple shock for example. Shawn couldn't forget about that.

Shawn walked down the hallway. He saw Madelyn somewhere with Jake.

"Quite the party Madelyn. I know I had an interesting night, to the say the least. Huha..." He nodded at her and then at Jake.
"I'mma go now. My sis Jan, is waiting to drive me home. Take it easy Man." He said as he gave Jake a pat on the arm.

"Tell Mae... I'll see her around..." With a gentle smirk, Shawn headed out to the limo.

[[Shawn Morrison Continued to: Hide in Plain Sight.]]
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April 17th, 2011, 7:43 am #35

Madelyn nodded. Empathizing with Jake she hugged him,

"At least she's alright, and we have Shawn to thank for that." After disconnecting the embrace she changed her thoughts from anger at Mae to gratitude towards Shawn. Mostly, at least. She was walking his down the hall when Shawn came by, but Madelyn was to distracted to notice his clothing style 180º turn. He tried to make conversation about what was up with them. Apparently Neither her or Jake looked friendly at the moment because he changed the subject, and then asked where Mae was. Madelyn motioned to her room and he left.

They stopped at the end of the hallway and talked. Both of them wanting to be alone for a little longer. Zach walked by at one point, but he was deep in his head about something that made him ignore the both of them. Madelyn thought about going after him, but shrugged it off. They went back to conversation when Shawn strolled by surprising Madelyn with his style of dress. When the hell did that happen? She thought before he complimented her party. She laughed with him, and when he said his sister was here to pick him up she gave him a friendly hug and said,

"Thanks for saving Mae's life, and stay safe." Shawn told them to tell Mae that he'd see her around, and left. After awhile they decided that they had been away from the party for too long, and made their way down stairs and to the backyard where their friend Shawn learned how to save a life. Madelyn noticed that the party was dying down, but didn't mind. This night was eventful enough for her, and then some.
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