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As far as an evening spent with a stranger, in a game where you could be murdered at any second, went this one was relatively pleasant. Louise had never been socially shy, she never really got the big deal about talking to someone, so conversation flowed with ease. There was an edge that either could attack at any minute. Regrettably she wasn't sure she would ever have a conversation where that wasn't a very real danger. Similarly regrettably the girl was as out of ideas as she was.

Louise ate with all the grace and manners of the monkies she had previously alluded to. She was way beyond caring, usually her mum would tell her off but it seemed rather unlikely her mum would turn up, though having a lawyer on her side might be handy . As she ate she paid almost no attention to her companion or her actions beyond the odd monosyllabic reply.

She had been eyeing the rather menacing looking shadows when Dee announced her grand plan. Louise didn't think twice. When the options were warm(ish) base or outside in the dark with the definite killers it wasn't a hard choice. She didn't have any reason not to trust the other girl. Besides she loved building forts, maybe that experience would come in handy. Especially without Sofia there to complain about the requisitioning of her bed.

With Fort Knox secure, Louise went to turn off the UV, which had started to cause her a bit of a headache. Either that or stress. She eventually found the switch when she tripped over its cable. The bowling alley looked rather strange and alien without its signature UV. Having found a spot which was as comfortable as she was going to get she settled down for the night.

After a night of calm and a slightly sore back Louse woke up happy to have a plan (well kind of). Her cheek was indented in the pattern of the planks she had been lying on but it could be worse. On cue as if to remind her how much worse it could get the announcement chimed in. Louise listened, frankly she wasn't sure who or what she was listening for anymore. She felt a surge of worry at the murder happening right her where she was standing. Still Lightning never strikes twice right? ...right?

Louise smiled wryly at Dee's remark.

"and an inappropriate good morning to you too. Any big plans or just same old same old?"
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As their night together had moved on and on, Dee was finding it pretty darn easy to relax around this girl. Given the fact that Louise was a complete stranger, and what’s more, given the fact that they were both cast in a situation where they’d benefit more from tearing each other’s throats out than sharing a handshake, it was refreshing to have a brief pause in all of the panic and worry.

It was as if Dee was on some big ol’ church sleepover, making that awkward small talk with some other girl from another equally hick town. God, even thinking about those sent a chill down Dee’s spine. Sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor was one thing, but talking about good ol’ Jesus the whole time was a real thorn in her side. Given that the circumstances of their sleepover was a mess different, surprisingly their conversation was just as rife with awkward, mindless small talk.

Once the ‘where are you from’s, and the ‘what’s your favorite subject’s were checked off of the master list of friendly, but pointless small talk, the girls could get to work. Louise was clearly an athlete of some sort, baseball, if Dee were to guess. Or track. Something that gave her a unique ability to push heavy crap across the unrelenting hard floor. Dee was lucky that she didn’t try to start something with Louise earlier, since it was damn likely that she’d have been as screwed as a Chihuahua going up against a Saint Bernard.

The conversation they’d shared had been so disconnected from the show, the game itself, or strategy, that the morning announcements were a jarring, snapping reminder about exactly why they were sleeping on uncomfortable wooden benches.

The announcement was a little too chipper and excited for Dee’s liking. She rubbed her groggy eyes, a little pissed at the sheer volume and pitch, and significantly more pissed at it’s contents. Golly gee, it looked like the kids were stepping up. Dee listened to a series of unfamiliar names being rattled off as killed, and familiar names being dubbed their killers.

Jewel Evans. Pia Malone. Corin Albanesi. Hell, was Dee the only kid from her school without a body count? Dee could have guessed that America thought middle farmland Oklahoma was all ‘howdy neighbors,’ and corn, but their class was sure as heck proving that wrong.

And out of all the Davison kids names that were rattled off, Louise didn’t react to a single one. “I, uh, guess you didn’t lose anyone. Friends. Boyfriends. Nothin’. That’s some good news. Hardly call it a good mornin’, but I guess there’re worse ways to wake up.”

Truth be told, Dee didn’t react to a single name either. Even those who’d gone and killed, or got themselves killed, none of it phrased her anymore. Sure it was sad that Soren, a good Christian boy got shot up by that goth girl, Jewel, or that sweet Leah ended up getting shot in the chest, but it was harder and harder for Dee to feel anything. No sadness, no pity, hell, she didn’t even feel happy it wasn’t her. She just felt, well, nothing.

Nothing except hunger. As the announcements rattled on, Dee grabbed her daypack and hugged it to her chest. Ten minutes was all the grace that the producers were going to give them if they were arbitrarily in some danger zone they’d decided up on a whim. If it came to it, Dee was ready to haul ass and get on out of there. Hopefully Louise would be able to keep up.

The speaker finally clammed it, and thankfully the bowling alley wasn’t on her little list. For now, their little base would be safe another day. To celebrate, Dee thought about eating some of her skittles, remembering as her hand dug down into the bag that she’d polished those off earlier yesterday. How about her sandwich? Oh wait. That was gone too. All they had left was that sawdust gluten-free bread, a few slim jims, some saltines, and a few bottles of water and Gatorade. Over the course of a day, that could feed just Dee alone. But since Louise was now a hired hand, the rations were going to run out pretty damn soon. Of course, this was a damn good incentive. Nothing made Dee more of a pitbull than an empty stomach.

“Well, this base seems like a good spot to wait things out a bit, but we can’t be here forever. I’d say we go out and look for our teams, but that ain’t even a guarantee at this point. No idea who’s left on my team, and I’m guessing that you’re on the same boat.” Dee paused, setting her bag back down to her side.

“Plus there ain’t much food left in here.” Dee’s mouth traced into a flat line. “We can keep the base and all, but we’re gonna need to step out and get some supplies. Food’s a start, but I’m thinking something that can also pack a bit of a punch.”

In her brief time with Asa, Dee had read that map backwards and forwards like it was a puzzle book. As if somewhere on the map, there’d be exactly the right set of tools for them to go ahead and create a do-it-yourself arson. Though it wasn’t useful then, all that studying proved useful now. “The sports center might be a pretty decent start.”

If Dee could get her hands on a baseball bat, or a lacrosse stick, or a tennis racket, or anything better than a gosh-darned foam sword, it’d be a sweet welcomed change. If they could come across someone food, that’d be swell too. Anything would be better than just sitting here and waiting to starve.

“Whadda think?”

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It wasn't that Louise didn't care that people were dying all around her. It was just kind of difficult to take in, besides Louise wasn't one for close friends. Of course that didn't mean she wasn't sad for people she had known for a long time. Somehow though it just didn't sink in, especially when worrying if she was going to die at any second. Maybe the game was taking her empathy, it was a worrying thought.

She listened to her new...meat shield? companion? friend? She wasn't sure. Still Louise wasn't one for labels. She had already lost her partner in crime, she wasn't sure how she would have taken losing someone else close.

"No, not this time."

She said sadly. She smiled wryly at Dee's attempted optimism. It was hard to think of too many worse situations than a death game. Beyond direct danger and being dead she didn't reckon there were too many.

"Not too many spring to mind"

Louise replied before snorting in derisive amusement at the idea of a boyfriend. She had never been one for romance, or boys for that matter, besides a death game didn't seem the place to start.

Louise listened to the plan with interest. It was good someone was planning ahead. A part of her didn't want to leave the sanctuary especially so quickly after moving in. However, her stomach growled. This was a compelling argument and one she couldn't ignore. Besides they had no weapons and couldn't defend their base. Louise had been told she was a menace with a baseball bat but that had largely been her wild swings and occasionally letting go of the bat when playing at school or on holiday so grabbing a bat out the sports' centre could be good.

"Sounds good, let's go" She said.

There was after all no time like the present.

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