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((Davis Todd: VW3 - TV2 - Last Time In Kal-El))

Davis had made his way to the theater, Action section. Bag of popcorn in his lap and soda in the seat's cupholder, he watched scenes unfold before him. He had never watched SOTF that much before, but he figured he might as well. It amused him, people were at home watching him on TV, watching TV on a movie screen. He let out a quiet chuckle. Even when he was all alone, he couldn't be loud in a movie theater.

The scene currently playing was of a boy beating the ever living tar out of a girl as she pleaded for him to stop. Davis cheered the boy on silently from the corner where he sat, now realizing what he had been missing out on. This was something more then getting hyped for a schoolyard fight or a world-star video. This was something with purpose.

"Never seen a hero in action before."

There were his comics of course. But this was real. This had happened. And now he was lucky enough for it be happening right before him on the silver screen all over again. Yet still, there was a sense of disdain as he continued to watch...

Even Davis knew who she was, people wouldn't stop talking about her, people still didn't. He had seen a few pictures and videos, yet nothing of it interested him. She got hers, went home. It was the end of that. But know he realized there was so much more. There was a lot of enjoyment in seeing a psychopath get their ass handed to them.

And then, his hero's head was no longer attached to his body. There was red text on the screen.


Jhamel had been warned that he shouldn't be too risky. He had to know what could happen. And yet, there he was going to town. Because it mattered, because he needed to, because he had to for whatever reason. He took a sip of his Dr. Pepper as the headless body slumped on to the girl. Another soft chuckle.

He remembered that she was on a purple team, just like Davis was. He remembered his own screening, being showed his mentors. One in the same, Goddamn Jared Clayton. Davis caressed his collar, feeling every inch of it's texture. A grin began to slowly erupt on his face.

The projection was now turning to a different scene, which meant Davis had lost his interest. He wiped off popcorn crumbs and continued to sip on his soda as he made his way to one of the exits.

And as he stepped outside, his face stretched into the largest smile he ever had.

((Davis Todd: VW3 - TV2 - Finale In Boyhood))
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