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((IS2: Taylor DeVasher continued from Never Stop))

"Woo! Okay! Man, I need a break!"

Taylor was leaning against the entrance doors to the Aloha Daycare Center. He had continued to run from the Nature Walk after abandoning Marcus, never slowing down from his quick pace. This caused his running to get a lot less graceful, with arms flailing, spit flying out of his mouth, and his backpack flopping about as he ran. The Daycare was the first building he saw upon leaving the walk, so he quickly made his way to the small building. Now that he was inside, he spent a few minutes getting his breathing back to normal.

Taylor walked inside the Daycare. It looked like a pretty fun place if you were a toddler. There were foam blocks and beanbag chairs everywhere. Taylor was sure he could have a lot of fun here if he was much younger.

"Aw hell, I'd probably have a good time here anyways."

Taylor chuckled as he plopped himself down on one of the beanbag chairs. He looked up towards the corner of the room and noticed the camera. He flashed it a smile. He wondered what the people at home thought of him. He wondered if they thought he was funny, or if they were placing bets in his favor. He was already probably gaining some traction online. To think, he could be on a poll or on someone's blog. He was handsome, so there had to be at least one girl who started a Taylor DeVasher fan appreciation blog on Tumblr for him.

"Well, that was quite a crazy meeting," he said aloud, "but I'm glad I got away from Marcus. I think he would have just brought me down. Besides, there are probably more interesting ways to use my grenades. I mean, the producers only gave me four, so I can't go too crazy with them yet."

Taylor pulled his bag in front of him. He was thirsty from all that running and could use a drink. He reached in and pulled out one of the large bottles of water. He quickly screwed the cap off and took a large drink. He sighed in relief as he pulled it away. Then an idea came.

He turned the label of the bottle towards the camera and smiled.

"When I'm thirsty and fighting for my life," he said, "I rely on Aquafina to keep me cool and refreshed."

He gave the camera a wink.

Alright, that's one possible sponsorship offer for when I leave here. I should find more.

Taylor began to dig through his bag. Subway, Slim Jim, Skittles, there was a ton of good stuff here. If things turned out really well for him, Durex might ask him to do a few commercials as well. However, he didn't have time to think about that. There was a package inside the bag that got his attention.

He pulled it out. It looked like it was his fanservice costume. One Gothic Lolita dress kit. He looked at it, reading the label carefully. He tossed the package over, trying to study the dress. It was a black dress, with plenty of lace and white detailing. It was lovely.

A large grin appeared on his face.

He quickly took a whiff of his armpit. He scrunched his face as he did.

"Ugh, I don't know about you, folks, but I reek. I think it's time I did something about that."

Taylor stood up from the beanbag chair, keeping his gaze on the camera.

"Now," he said, slowly removing his leather jacket, "I'm a pretty fashionable guy."

The jacket fell onto the floor.

"I read magazines. I follow blogs. I like to create."

He began to slowly raise his Schrodinger's Lovers t-shirt up. He pulled it slowly, letting the viewers get a look at his stomach.

"I take good care of my health as well."

He raised his arms as he pulled the shirt off. He held the shirt in both hands, outstretched, while arching his back.

"Now, when I see an outfit I must wear, I go for it."

He dropped the shirt on top of the jacket.

"I simply can't turn away from good fashion. What kind of rock star looks like crap? Or, for the ones who look like crap, look like crap but still doesn't look cool doing so?"

Taylor slowly moved his hands down his chest, resting them on the lip of his acid washed jeans.

"So, when I saw that the producers handed me something so..."

He unbuttoned his pants.


He slowly moved his pants down. Once they were past his hips, they dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

"...I couldn't say no to it."

Taylor reached for the package. He was standing in his boxers on live television. People had to be eating this up somehow. He had to be one of the better looking guys in this cast, so he was probably doing them a favor.

"So, let me see what my wonderful producers did for me."

He giggled as he opened the plastic package. He pulled the dress out, holding it open so it could unfold on its own. He gasped as he saw it. It was gorgeous. It had to be made by one of the finest Gothic Lolita dress shops in Japan (he assumed there were some).

"Oh! I love it!" he said, giving what he considered his sweetest face to the camera: head slightly tilted, large eyes, a slight pout on his lips.

Taylor held out one of the arms of the dress, keeping the rest of the garment close. He then began to twirl around the room, humming a waltz (or what he assumed was a waltz). He chuckled as he did.

"Now, let me put my new friend on."

He looked at the dress. It looked like he could simply throw it on top of himself and pull it over him. There were some buttons on the chest and sleeves, but they were undone. He grinned as he disappeared beneath the gown. In a few seconds, he pulled it through, his arms now stretched through the sleeves. He looked up at the camera with a large smile on his face.

"It fits perfectly! Did you guys take my measurements?"

Taylor buttoned the sleeves and the bit on the top. That's when he noticed the package on the floor. He picked it up and realized there were a few accessories inside.

"Oh, and there's more!" he exclaimed. "You guys think of everything!"

Taylor pulled the packages out. The first was a small black ribbon. From the clip on it, he could tell it was supposed to be pinned on his chest. There was space on the collar to allow for it. He unwrapped it and pinned it on. He then looked in and pulled out a large black bow. There was a barrette clip on it, so he knew it had to go in his hair. He had enough hair to wear it, so he could surely rock it.

He opened the clip. He then reached to the back of his head and grabbed some hair. He slipped the clip through the hair and clipped it shut. Perfect.

"Well, I think that's it!" he said.

Taylor walked around the room when he noticed a mirror on the wall. It was a small mirror, framed with a childish border. He stepped close to it and gasped in surprise. He couldn't believe how he looked.

The Gothic Lolita dress was a very elegant gown, probably the nicest thing Taylor had ever worn. It was a rich and dark black color. The sleeves had small poofs on the shoulders and reached his wrists. The wrists had white cuffs with black buttons to cuff. He adjusted the ribbon that hung from his collar. It was a small black ribbon that rested over a small, white top. It was a small square of white on the black top of the dress, but it popped.

He then looked down. The skirt fell to his knees, but was very fluid. It had a small bit of pleating, but was very full. There was some lace detailing near the hem of the skirt. Under the skirt was a lot of white tulle to give it some shape. Taylor grabbed the edges of the skirt and did a twirl in front of the mirror.

"I love it. I'll wear it for my stay here."

Taylor grinned as he walked back to his stuff. He put his shirt and pants inside his bag. He was about to pack the jacket inside, but remembered how cold it was outside. He was probably going to need it. It would probably work as an open jacket. He could make it work.

He threw the jacket on and then picked up his backpack, putting it on. He gave another turn towards the camera, flashing a peace sign.

"My name is Taylor DeVasher. You can find me on YouTube if you search Schrodinger's Lovers. You can also find my Etsy store 'Garbage Couture.' Mom, Dad, the information for that site are next to my computer. I have limited stock, but I have a feeling a lot of people are going to rush for my pop top rings and my aluminum necklaces. Feel free to raise the prices accordingly. Just watch, I'm going to make the most of my time here."

Taylor began to walk towards the entrance of the day care when a thought came to him. He grinned and let out a short chuckle. He then reached under the skirt, fiddling for a few minutes. In a few seconds, he had removed his boxers. He turned around and held the boxers up towards the nearest camera.

"Fruit of the Loom. Personally, I'm more of a Haines guy. Besides, I got to keep you watching somehow."

Taylor tossed the boxers behind him, letting them fall onto the floor. He then smirked and began to skip, making his way outside the Day Care and back into the arena. Even though it was chilly, he barely noticed. He was a star, and stars burned bright.

((IS2: Taylor DeVasher continued in Once Upon a Time))
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