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PNK1: Anthony Rollins
School: Detroit Central
Weapon: Basket-hilted Claymore

PNK2: Jonas Jeffries
School: Detroit Central
Weapon: MAC-10 Machine Gun

PNK3: Glen Bole
School: SDA
Weapon: SPAS-12

PNK4: Ben Grayson
School: SDA
Weapon: Full set of team bandannas

PNK5: Isaac King
School: Detroit Central
Weapon: IMI Desert Eagle


'The Regular Joe'
"Uh... my name's Mike, I'm an accountant from Chicago and I have fou- Wait, why my team's going to win? Uh... uh... I'm good with numbers, I guess."

Name: Mike Patterson
Age: 38
Gender: Male

Appearance: An African-American man who looks younger than he is, the only lines on Mike's face are those produced by smiling. Mike has a sensible crew cut and is always clean shaven, presenting himself very smartly at all times, wearing a shirt, tie and suit pants. Standing at 6ft even, Mike has a fairly average build which belies his sedentary lifestyle.

Biography: Mike is, as his title would suggest, just an average guy from Chicago. An accountant by trade, he wound up on SOTF: TV as the result of a Coka-Cola sponsored competition, wherein 'lucky cans' were entered into a draw, with the prize being a slot on the next season of the show. On a whim, Mike submitted his 'lucky can' and against the odds, won the competition. Although quite down to earth and logical, Mike is very much out of his element, a little bit overawed by the knowledge that he's on TV, seeming to have something of a case of stage fright.

Team Conclusion: A team full of misfits, cowards, and anti-socials, Pink Team still has some serious firepower going for it. The question is, how will they play it: They may be decently effective alone, but if they actually manage to unite and cooperate, they may well be unstoppable!

Mentor's Comment: Uh, wow, yeah, this is going to be kind of tough, I can see. I hope they're cooperative. We'll try to, uh, allocate our resources wisely and outlast the competition. Or, well, stay alive as long as possible. Man, I had no idea it'd be this tough when I sent that can in.
Current characters:

The Program: V3 Prologue:
Mina Mashall - Digital Voice Recorder - Making a good impression - "I didn't know you felt so strongly about me."
Erik Bell - Jericho .941 - Having lunch - "May I?"

Assorted flora and fauna

EW4: Jewel Evans - Chatterbox Communicator Headsets (0/5) - Online - ELIMINATED - "Scars are just reminders to be better next time."
[+] Spoiler
The Program V1:
M06: Karl Chalmers - American Flag - The Mess Hall - DECEASED
F09: Nichole "Nikki" Campbell - 6 Pack of Beer (0/6) - Open Ground - DECEASED

The Program V2:
M08: Alexander Bonham - Steel Folding Chair - The Pine Stands - DECEASED
F20: Robin Pounds - Stress Ball - Mountain Track - DECEASED

PRP3: Karen Ruiz - Glock 17 (0/17 +1 bullet), WASP Knife, Swordcane - Over and out - ELIMINATED - "I don't find pointless death funny."
W02: Renée Carlson - Straight Razor - The Resort Beach - DECEASED

SS4: Austin White - Gold Retractable Spyglass - The World Oyster - DECEASED

Second Chances V1:
G16: Nicole Husher (thanks to TBH!) - Colt Single Action Army - The Makeshift Hospital - DECEASED

Second Chances V2:
B12: Richard Ormsby - x4 Flashbang Grenades - The Ravine - DECEASED
B22: William Lohman - Winchester Model 1897 - The Ravine - DECEASED

B15: Shuya Nanahara - No Weapon - The School Building - DECEASED
B20: Kyoichi Motobuchi - Bulletproof Vest - Tourist Association - DECEASED
G01: Mizuho Inada - Grenades (0/2) - Clinic - DECEASED

SOTF Evolution:
Subject C01: Samantha Reynolds - Facial Morphing - The Cove - ELIMINATED

M11: Richard Ormsby - Cowbell - The Corssroads Bridge - GAME OVER
M22: William Lohman - Hockey Stick - The Corssroads Bridge - GAME OVER
If you want an honest assessment of your character's storyline, feel free to PM me and I'll whip one up as soon as I am able.

Thanks to Bear/Frogue/Kotorikun/Ryuki for the avatar art.