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Aaron Chalmers is a wide receiver on the football team.
Program V3 Prologue
Michael Bair - Proud to be an American
Quote: N/A
Weapon: Brass Knuckles, Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6 Entry
Location: N/A
Status: Alive
[+] Spoiler
Subject C05: Simon Matthews
Ability: Scorching Palms
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Shot by Ashlie Jackson

Team 13 D: Simon Porter - Silver Dragon Academy
Weapon: Stun Gun (6x Cartridges)
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Shot by Glen Bole

Orange Team No. 1: Vincent Sullivan - Detroit
Weapons: Digital Camera + Desert Eagle .50 (6/7, 7/7, 46/56 in Box) + SPAS-12 (7/8, 19/30 in Box) + 1x Walkie-Talkie + Bullet Proof Vest + Claymore
Discarded Weapons: 3x Shards of a Plate (On Tiffany Dexter's Body) + 1x Walkie-Talkie (Taken by Karen Ruiz) + Wooden Boat Oar (Left in the Forest) + Colt Anaconda .45 Magnum (2/6, 30/36 in Box) (Given to Brennan O'Brian)
Status: Finally dead
Cause of Death: Lack of medical care

Virtua SOTF:
M07 - Alex Henry - Alderbrook High School - Music lover, Theatre lover and Violinist
Inventory: Inner-tube
Current Score: 0
Healthbar: 0%
Cause of Death: Shot by arrow and then drowned

The Program V2:
M10: Aaron Chalmers
Weapon: Lasso
Quote: "Feels good. You did a great job.”
Cause Of Death: Head Bashed By Anastasia Flores

M11: Gerald Lawson
Weapon: Picnic Basket and Apple Pie
Quote: “Aww, man. You killed the Furby.”
Cause Of Death: Shot by Anastasia Flores

GH2 - Alice Young: Whittree Secondary School
Quote: “I made so many mistakes.”
Weapon: X-Force 850 Pro; 1 Arrow loaded, 3 ready to go, 7 in reserve.
Location: The Final Curtain
Status: Deceased - Multiple stab wounds

AE3 - Shawn Thornton: Davison Secondary School
Quote: “That’s what this group is right? Your plan? Another choice. A peaceful option. A different way.”
Weapon: None
Location: Cursed, Hexed, Spellbound
Status: Deceased - Single gunshot wound

Second Chances V2:
Aaron Chalmers - All American 2.0
Quote: "Fuck off Michael."
Weapon: Philadelphia Derringer
Location: Say it with Firecrackers!
Status: Deceased - Shot through the heart

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Yumi Nunes is in the Writing Club

SP1: Lukas Graves- Forming a team in United
VW2: Angie Hart- Having a bad time of it in Balls Deep
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SOTF The Program v2:

Yumi Nunes- Just another victim in Put Down the Pen, Take Up the Sword (34th out of 41)
Brian Meyerhold Callison- Nothing but a statistic in Second Verse, Same As The First (18th out of 41)

SOTF Second Chances:

B05-Craig Hoyle was felled in With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility (37th out of 37)
G08-Keira MacDonald was gunned down in One Bath, Two Bath, Red Bath, Bloodbath (11th out of 37)


M17-BIG MIKE Gibraltar ran out of continues in The Long Walk (8th out of 47)