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((Bailey Williams continued from In Hindsight, This Was A Terrible Idea))

Her arm was aching like hell. The shot from Tas got her real good. She found herself grimacing as she dragged her body around the area. Where was she going? Back to where it all began. She heard the announcements. The names that were called out.

Chris Brooks. Robin Pounds. Frank Callahan. Anastasia Flores.

Bailey made a mental note of them all. All of the kids who became killers. Tas's name stood out particularly. It was taunting her, spurring her on to continue in the game and to stay strong. She tried to think of previous killers in the game who were still alive. Her mind grasped for it as she walked. It helped keep her attention away from her throbbing arm.

Dylan Walker. Carlyle Shotton. Becky Long. Damien Stone. Brian Callison.

So many killers in the game. All of them monsters. Mercilessly killing without discrimination. Didn't it matter that these people were their classmates? Their friends? Their allies? Bailey thought that there was some importance in that relationship. She apparently was wrong. Very wrong.

What could she do though? She had to stop them. Yet how?

She eventually arrived. The Crag Cabin. She remembered Felicia and Gerald. She also remembered Brian. Their memories haunted her. Felicia betrayed her and payed the price. Gerald was dead. Brian became a killer. All of them were taken by the game. The Program. Was Bailey taken by the game? Probably. It made her laugh. She thought she could escape it.

Yet she couldn't.

What could she do now? Firstly, she had to address her situation. She took her steps inside the cabin, settling on the floor. Her eyes scanned the cabin, trying to see if anyone had come in recently. Apparently she was alone. It was probably better that way. After all, who could she trust not to kill her in a game like this?

She saw the furby. It was still there and it was starting to gather dust now. A memory of the past, now forgotten. Should she touch it? Maybe later. Her arm was starting to throb ferociously in pain. She needed to deal with it.

Sitting down against the wall, Bailey took out the medical kit with her left hand. Opening it, she tried to find instructions about what to do with a hurt arm. Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything. The worse thing was that she had no idea about any of the contents of the first aid kit. All of these vials and bandages which just confused her to no end. She probably should've taken first aid training. She was regretting she didn't now.

She did find something else. Scissors. A thought came to her. She was probably going to have to take action in this game, with the rate it was going. The dress was a liability. Ergo, she had to do something about it. It was such a shame though. It really was a nice dress. In any other circumstance, she would consider this to be a crime. This was the Program though.

With the scissors in her left hand, Bailey began snipping away at the dress. It was hard work and the fact that she was using her non-dominant hand did not help with the proceedings. While her cutting was messy, it was also purposeful. Eventually, she managed to cut around the dress and the extra fabric collapsed onto the floor. Her legs felt free, yet cold at the same time.

She looked at the fabric. She might as well make some use of it. She remembered from those tv shows. People used to wrap their arms in those slings. Maybe she could try to imitate that? She had to give it some effort. Picking up the fabric with her left hand, she did her best to drape it over her right shoulder and wrapped it around her body. She rested her arm in the make-shift sling that she produced. While it certainly wasn't the most glamorous or effective sling, it was still better than having none.

With that out of the way, she relaxed against the wall. She let out the sigh. Her arm still throbbed and was bleeding. Looking in the medical kit, she found some bandages, which she used to wrap the bullet wound. She didn't know what else she could do with it. It still hurt like bloody hell, but she had to ignore it.

She needed to come up with a plan to survive. She still had her gun. That was a good thing. She would be dead without it. After all, how would she protect herself from people like Tas without it? No. She had to keep a good hold on her gun. Maybe she should do the world justice by taking out the killers and murderers in the game.

Maybe that was the purpose of the game? Find the evil and destroy it before it gets too late. She couldn't do much with her right arm, but her right hand was still functional. She reloaded her gun, following the instructions that came with the weapon. She imagined she would be using this weapon more and more often as time went by. She probably should get used to it.

Her mind strayed to Tas again. She pissed her off. She was going to get revenge. She had to be patient though. After all, there were still many killers in the game. They had to be dealt with, of course. All in due time though. There was no need to rush. There didn't seem to be escape for any of them.

Bailey let out a heavy breath. She had to get ready to face the game. She had a mission. Pushing herself up with her left hand, she slipped the gun into her satchel while putting everything else in her daypack. After doing so, she made her way out of the building. Before she reached the exit though, she encountered the furby once again. She stopped and stooped down to look at it.

A sweet memory of a happier time.

However, memories were just that. Figments of the past. They had no bearing on nowadays. Or so it seemed. Bailey had to take action.

For the good of America and all the is right.

((Bailey Williams continued in In This Thread A Timeskip Happens))
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