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Kami's Sidestories
Charlotte "Charlie" Pemberton- Female Student #??- "Um, hey... I know a lot about meat. How much do you want to cook yours?"

They will come back. They always do. We have a place for them.
Felicia LaChapelle (SC)- Female Student #022- Attempting first-aid to the soundtrack of an Eminem song.
Miranda Millers (SC)- Female Student #024- Pranking people not quite to death with a tire iron
[+] Spoiler
Holly Chapman (Evolution)- Subject C09- Died strong.
Kami Steele/"Beatrix Kiddo"/"Hit Girl" (Program)- Female Student #02- At least she tried.
Sidney Rice (TV)- Yellow Team 3- BANHAMMERED!
Simon Leroy (Virtua)- Male Student #20- Had it coming.
Sidney Rice (SC)- Female Student #03- PERMABANNED!
Carol Burke (SC)- Female Student #04- Oops.
Felicia LaChapelle (Program)- Female Student #03- NOPE.
Kaede "Katie" Tanaka (Virtua)- Female Student #4- Died like a true cowgirl.
Nina Riddhi (TV2)- Honey Badger #1- Time ran out.
Bella Bianchi (TV2)- Cobalt Jellyfish #1- Had her last performance.
wrote: Bake We'll just ask Elena to add a new area into the compound. "Siobhan's Cleavage" - The spaciously large cleavage of an overweight, promiscuous cheerleader who wants to go to Beauty School. THREADS ALLOWED: 8

12:40 Slamexo She [Sidney] sells trollin' and trollin' accessories

02:41 Medic Why does the world hate my racist jackass--wait that speaks for itself.
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