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Survival of the Fittest - TV2
CJ04: Regina "Reggie" Aston
'A boy knocking on her window. Tarot cards on a table. A gentle hand guiding her after a rough night out.'
Weapon(s): Nulla Nulla
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Wes: Zombie Carlon transcends your desire to play. Zombie Carlon is eternal : P

04:07 Courtney SCRUB A DUB DUB
04:07 Courtney IT'S BRAIN TIME

22:15 Rattlesnake My first year in youth legislature some kid did a bill on the right to bear arms
22:15 *** Ohm quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
22:16 Rattlesnake "As we all know, language changes, and the constitution is not immune to this."
22:16 Wes Please tell me it was the right to literal bear arms, and favored legalizing certain forms of plastic surgery.
22:16 Rattlesnake "There are plenty of modern interpretations, but how do we know the founding fathers weren't referring specifically to the right to have a bear's arms surgically grafted in place of your own?"
22:16 Wes YES
22:17 Wes Making my day, Rattle.

00:44 MoonlightDrive When aliens in galaxies 70 million light years away look through a telescope at Earth, they see dinosaurs.
00:45 Unpy And know we know why they don't come to visit
00:45 Unpy That and travel expenses
00:45 Wes If I saw a planet full of dinosaurs, I'd be headed there as fast as I could.
00:46 Imehal ^
00:46 Wes It does explain why they'd want to kill us, though. I'd want to kill me if I showed up instead of dinosaurs.
00:46 Courtney lucky aliens :c

02:37 Imehal Gah. Compulsion to click every smiley to turn it back.
02:37 Persy hahaha...yeah...>_>
02:37 Persy I know that feel Ime
02:38 Naft
02:38 Ohm
02:38 Imehal ...
02:38 Ohm LOOK AT IT
02:38 Persy :/
02:38 Rattlesnake whoa
02:38 Imehal I shouldn't have said anything.
02:38 Naft please tell me you saw that coming.
02:38 Imehal Oh gods yes.
02:38 Naft you know me well enough by now to know when I'm coming.
02:38 Naft ...
02:38 Imehal snorts.
"Villains don't get happy endings." - Rumpelstiltskin
"She's so foxy, she could lead to my demise, so I'm running 'cause I've run out of time."