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Credit goes to the talented BMO of the Marina and the Diamonds forum, the Marina Boards
But deep down, all you really want is love
The pure kind, we all dream of.
But we cannot escape the past,
So you and I will never last

NOTE:I'm somewhat self-conscious about my abilities as a role-player. If you happen to read my threads and have any input, I'd greatly appreciate hearing them. I want to improve and only your input will help me do so~
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Whittree Secondary School
Girl #IS1: Diana "Dee" Dixon
Weapons: 4'6 Long Boffer Sword (Abandoned)
Thread: Reckoning Ball
Storyline Progression: (Start) I -> II -> III -> IV -> V -> VI
Pre-Game:1 <- (Start) I -> II
Quote: "I reckon that Diana was supposed to be some classy princess that died years before I was born, right? Sorry Ma'. That dog won't hunt a lick."

Davison Secondary School
Boy#CS5: Aidan Adelman
Weapons: Full Set of Team Bandannas (Season 66), Zastava M70 AB2 (from Leah Bissard)
Thread: The Jellies Experience
Storyline Progression: (Start I) -> II -> III -> IV
Pre-Game:1 <- (Start) I -> II -> III -> IV (End)
Quote: "Doesn't Lady Gaga look super fierce for 34?"