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Second Chances 2
Male Student #18: Zubin Wadia Status: ACTIVE; Weapon: Franchi SPAS-12
Female Student #32: Sarah Miller Status: ACTIVE; Weapon: The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft Hardback Edition
[+] Spoiler
Female Student #18 - Fumiyo Fujiyoshi; Status: DECEASED; Location: Clinic (G9), Items: None
Male Student #19 - Shinji Mimura; Status: ACTIVE; Location: Residential District (H8), Items: Brass Knuckles

SOTF: The Program
Female Student #15 - Jessica "Jess" Vogel; Status: #36 ELIMINATED; Final Location: The Opening Faceoff; Items: Field Rations

GREEN STUDENT #2 - David Myerez; Status: #25 ELIMINATED; Final Location: Banhammer'd

Second Chances
Female Student #14: Charlene "Charlie" Norris - Status: #28 ELIMINATED; Weapon: Ingam M10 (Five magazines of 32 9 mm rounds); "No, the 'D' does not stand for 'delicious.'" --> "Well, it's not like I'm going to be a rape target or anything." 1 2 3
Female Student #15: Jessica Vogel - Status: #23 ELIMINATED; Weapon: Jackknife Boots; "I am just too good at this sometimes." --> "At least this situation isn't completely hopeless." 1 2 3

Ivory Sharks #5: Sarah Miller Status: ACTIVE; Weapon: Straight Razor, can of spray-on shaving cream, 1