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wrote:23:00 Dano: Hmmm
23:00 Rugga_dialtone: This is super healthy right here
23:00 Dano: How much darker than dark is darkest
23:01 Kilmarnock: Very.
23:01 kervin555: Darkest is max dark, man
23:01 Dano: Well then
23:01 Dano: mathmatically speaking
23:01 Dano: i can't see in the dark with my glasses on, but i have my glasses off, and since a negative times a negative is a positive
23:02 Dano: i should be able to see no problem, right?
23:02 Kilmarnock: Nope, sorry.
23:02 Kilmarnock: The modifier just keeps increasing until you can't see, even on a 20.
23:02 Dano: But math!
23:02 bacon: Should, but life is stupid like that.
23:02 kervin555: Actually, using real math, this should be addition not multiplication.
23:02 kervin555: Glasses add on to your vision, not multiply it.
23:02 fanatic: we prefer to use imaginary math
23:02 bacon: Imaginary?
23:03 Rugga_dialtone: What if I die before the thousand years is up?
23:03 Dano: It works in my favour more often than real math
23:03 fanatic: the land of pretend bacon
23:03 bacon multiplies everything by the square root of negative three.
23:05 kervin555: I just saved this conversation and am in the process of sigging it.
23:05 Rugga_dialtone: Oh goodness
23:05 Dano: Shit
23:06 Dano: That
23:06 Dano: will steal my soul
23:06 Dano: like an internet camera
23:06 Kilmarnock: Oh, you won't die...
23:06 Rugga_dialtone: I'm in so many sigs that would make me a souless she devil
23:06 kervin555: ...I'm saving that, too.
wrote:23:11 fanatic: no halbo signature
23:12 kervin555: What do you mean no hablo signature?
23:12 Dano: he doesn't speak signature
23:12 Dano: or spanish
23:12 fanatic: it's Venduvian for "I can't see the signature"
23:13 *** CondorTalon quit (Client exited)
23:13 Dano: Venduvian? Like, from Venus?
23:13 kervin555: No hablo signature means "I can't speak signature" in a not very well literate way.
23:13 fanatic: No from Venduvia
23:13 Dano: Sailor Venduvia!
23:13 kervin555: I'm so tempted to sig that.