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Just a quick reminder: please do not GM other characters (GMing is controlling another handler's character without their permission). Positioning dialogue so that it changes the meaning of another handler's post in a very significant way (in this case, changing Johnathan's choice to reveal the truth from a personal one to something coerced out of him) is not alright, unless you have the permission of the other handler involved. If you do, you should note it somehow (Usuall with a parenthetical "GMing approved"), to prevent the staff from misunderstanding.

Thanks for your attention.

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Well, he’d said it. Now was the time to brace for impact. Time to see Bailey’s reaction, and judge from that whether she’d been lying or not. Jonathan had a horrible vision of Bailey recoiling in shock, before running off to tell anyone and everyone that good old Jonathan Roberts, soccer and piano player, was foreign scum.

Bailey looked straight at him in a much different way than earlier, and Jonathan realised that he had been holding his breath in anticipation and fear. Then, Bailey broke into a warm smile, a proper smile, and Jonathan exhaled, his nervousness alleviated quite a bit. This was not the smile of someone about to blab your innermost secrets to the world at large. A smile appeared on Jonathan’s own face, slightly awkward, but genuine none the less.

He was, however, rather lost for words. For whatever reason, he was struggling to think of anything to respond to Bailey with. So, he simply said “Thank you”, and smiled, when Bailey said she’d take the secret to the grave. If only everyone here was as open minded as Bailey… everything would be so much easier.

Once he was sure he wasn’t about to start coughing it back up again, Jonathan started drinking from his bottle again, as Bailey continued talking.

“You and me both” he muttered, dryly, as Bailey mentioned she hadn’t seen this coming. “Not that I’m complaining, though.”

Bailey then advised Jonathan not to tell Brian about the whole English thing. Jonathan hadn’t been planning on telling anyone at all about it, but even if he had, Brian would have been nowhere near the list of people he might have told. He was generally nice towards Jonathan, but there was an overwhelming air of smugness around him, and on top of that, he was very openly against minorities, of any sort.

“Don’t worry,” Jonathan said, leaning back in his chair. “I’m not planning on telling anyone about that unless I, like, properly trust them. I just wish more people were like you when it came down to this.”
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((Sorry for taking so long, life has been busy for me ))

"That's just the way the world works. Nothing neither of us can do about that." Bailey let out in a sigh as she fidgeted with the strap of her bag a little. While she did get exasperated by the attitudes of some of her peers, she didn't do anything to fight against it. There really was no reason for her to do so. She didn't get any benefit out of doing so and in the worst case scenario, she could end up like Maxim. After his cafeteria incident, he had been on the receiving end of a whole lot of abuse. While she did like taking risks, she didn't want that to happen to her.

"I personally really don't care about stuff like that. I guess I'd better thank my parents for that. In any case, I don't fight against my friends when they discriminate. While it is despicable of me, I have to keep up my appearances and all. I can't always do what I want to do." Bailey confided in Jonathan, her face frowning a little at the thought. She hated just stand there and watch people get discriminated, but she was one of the popular students. It was something she had to do.

At that moment, the bell rung to signal the end of lunch.

"Well that lunch time went by quickly." Bailey exclaimed as she stood up and dusted her clothes a little. She readjusted her bag as she mentally prepared herself for the rest of school. Only a few more lessons until she could go home. That thought made her smile as she turned to Jonathan.

"It is time we bid farewell my friend. I must admit, I did enjoy this conversation a lot. If you ever need want to talk to me, don't hesitate to do so. I don't mind at all." Bailey told him as she gave him a friendly smile. With that, she turned away from him and began to walk to her next class. She gave an air of confidence as she walked away.

It was then that she thought of an idea.

((Bailey Williams continued elsewhere...))
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