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September 21st, 2017, 2:00 pm #16

Kyran stood muted at the front end approach, watching as Natali crossed the bridge, limping her way safely across the deck to the other-side. Only small traces of sun still shone as she disappeared into the early night. The split made him feel uncharacteristically hollow, but he took comfort in the mind-frame that Natali could take care of herself. He noted her implication that she was willing to kill, after all. He sighed and peered over to the now darkened depths of the ravine, Richard's body barely in sight.

"Sorry Richard," No, not for handing him a humbling back in the day, nope he totally earned that. Even then, he didn't deserve to have his life taken from him so early, so abruptly in inhumane fashion like that. Richard 'buddy', you deserved better.

"Godspeed man."

The lone Dean rested at the foot of a tree, gathering his thoughts in the starry, moonlit darkness, his throat still dry.

Richard wasn't a friend, but what happened to him could happen to anyone else, including friends like Kris and Chuck or his teammates from school. If he wasn't going to see his family, or even his Pomeranian love again, then he damn well was going to be there, spending it with friends.

Kyran needed to make sure they weren't going to go the way of the Ormsby. He couldn't just sit in hiding with Natali and just wait for them to show up, or for the inevitable happen. If he wasn't going to be an animal doctor anymore, then he'd like to know before he moved on from this green earth, that he did something positive within his lifetime.

Maybe save a few lives.

He would not be able to do that if all he did was hide.
That wasn't going to be the end of it either.

There was still that little inkling of hope he held onto as he clutched the heart shaped necklace from his mum.

If there was any chance to see her again, his dad, his older bros, his darling Bella, then he absolutely had to try and do something. He didn't know exactly where to start and what to do, but maybe he could find someone who might. Somebody had to know something. They were a class of some of the best and the brightest. Well, for the most part. They would need to keep out the bad news, the ones who followed the terrorist design, gather up the good few who wanted no part of it and figure things out. Hell yeah, maybe they could do this, maybe he could still be a vet someday. Kyran stood with purpose, determination and cruised his way upon the moonlight path.

Bella see you soon, girl.

[[Kyran Dean strapped the AK47 to his shoulder and continued to: Connect / Disconnect]]
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