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He hesitated, a cold feeling running through his blood, feeling something low in the stomach – like it was heavy and sudden. Though he flinched at her words, he stepped back and placed a hand on the door as he readied to push it open, he focused on Anarchy at the moment. There was that feeling in his lungs, like he needed to steady his breath because he knew that he felt like he was wrong, he didn’t realise exactly at the time that he was feeling some degrees of shame. For every bit of empathy he had for her at the moment another part of him didn’t understand and wanted space away from her.

It wasn’t like he knew her long enough for her words to scathe or hurt him, and linger as they might at the back of his head, it wasn’t enough to keep him rooted in place. He felt like he was meant to step forward, and do something about it instead of simply watching her in her turmoil. But instead he did little else than give a distressed wince as he exited and swapped places with the chilled winter air. The door slammed behind him, and his form lingered a little longer through the glass than it should have before it was gone.

((Corin Albanesi – cont. elsewhere))
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A spotlight shone on her. The forms of all her friends and family were gathered together.

They all stared at her. All watching her every breath.

She glared at them. "I said go away! Leave me alone!"

"Not quite that simple," she replied back. "I need to be judged for my actions."

The scene changed, and now she stood before the judgment seat. Chains wrapped around her, preventing her from fleeing. She struggled to no avail.

"I stand accused of hypocrisy, of hatred, of rage, of insanity. How do I plead?"


"Guilty then. No need for witnesses and testimony, the judgment is clear. I am hereby sentenced to obscurity. Let my will and base desires erode until claimed by the abyss."

"NO! NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOO!" The chains broke, she rushed herself and tackled herself to the ground. Her hands wrung around her neck and she squeezed as hard as she could.

"It's pointless. I'm not real. We're not real. You're not real. This is all a farce!"

She squeezed until she could no longer feel herself breathing. When she let go, another scene took place.

Her brother was there, looking disappointed. He crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Don't look at me like that. Just because you died and failed your dream doesn't mean I will."

And when did he die? Is he dead? Or are you projecting your own dead ideals upon him?

"What? No he tried to, tried. No. What was it? He's dead isn't he? He has to be."

Alive. Deployed remember?

"But Shawn called to comfort me after. I didn't answer."

You didn't know him then. Brother called because he wanted to talk with you. You were too mad at him to pick up.

"My talk with him. My promise?"

All in your head. It's all in your head. You're not even here. You're not talking or moving or doing anything.

"Not true. Not true!" She took her sword with her right hand. She plunged it into the liar's chest.

That arm is broken, idiot. You can't use it anymore.

"Shut up!" She took her cup of chocolate and downed it all. She needed to clear her head.

You pretended to make it. There was nothing to use. You were behind the counter the whole time so he couldn't see. There was nothing.

She pulled at her collar. "How about this? Is this real?"

You really think you're in some game? You believe that this is all some show?

"Then where am I? Answer me!"

Wherever you want. It's your delusion. You just hate yourself so much you placed yourself in SOTF. Layers of delusion surround you. You need to wake up real soon. This is our stop.
She bolted awake. How long had she been there? The ground was cold, her face was wet with tears. When had she collapsed?

Does it matter?

"No. It doesn't." She struggled but eventually managed to get up.

She had to get out of here. This wasn't real. It couldn't be. But she didn't know how to wake up from this. Maybe if she died. Or maybe if she won. It was her delusion after all. Just make it so she wins.

She left, not once looking back.

((AnArchy delusionally continued in ... huh I (Don't) Remember.))
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