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Name: Saachi Nidal
Gender: Female
Age: 18
School: Whittree Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Shopping, Painting, Nature, Debating

Appearance: Saachi is of Indian descent and thus has dark brown skin. She stands at a height of 5’3” and weighs 124 lbs. She has long, flowing black hair that she ties back in a ponytail, but normally looks frazzled due to her frequent late nights. Her eyes are a rich brown color but getting little sleep during school days has caused her to gain bags under her eyes. Her lips are small and she normally wears basic foundation as well as red lipstick.

She dresses very conservatively in front of her parents, but secretly likes to wear crop tops and short skirts. However, due to her parents’ beliefs, she does not wear those clothes in front of them and normally wears long dresses and jumpers. On the day that she was abducted, she was wearing a white summer dress and a maroon jumper on top of the dress. She was also wearing a pair of wedges.

Biography: Saachi is the daughter of Cheliyan and Wamil Nidal. Cheliyan was known as an infamous businessman within Oklahoma due to his apparent ruthless, but efficient behavior within the insurance business. This has allowed him to amass a small fortune that he used to get the best education for all of his family.

From her childhood, a lot of pressue was placed on Saachi due to their family’s status in Whittree. As her father was a well-known businessman within the community, she was told that she needed to present herself well to the community. Therefore, she began studying hard from a young age, which caused her grades to be very high, even in elementary school.

Her father also repeatedly instilled the mentality of not trusting the people around her and that being nice wouldn’t get her anywhere. He also stressed that subjects like the arts and sports were unimportant and that she shouldn’t focus on them. While she initially found it hard to fully accept her father’s words, she eventually learned to adopt the façade in front of her classmates in Whittree, which caused her to be unpopular with a lot of her classmates.

While she did respect her father’s words, there were times where she questioned whether her father was correct. Her first time was when she was introduced to painting in art. She found herself enjoying it a lot, but she realized that her father wouldn’t approve of her enjoyment of painting. Therefore, Saachi asked her mother to buy her an art book and basic painting appliances and asked her to keep it a secret from her father. Once she managed to get the supplies, she would occasionally go outside the house to a local park and just spend some time painting the scenery. She prefers painting scenic views and plants to people as she feels that plants are much more easier to paint.

As she got older, Saachi began to be more rebellious against the ideals that were set by her father. She dropped her tough façade with some of her classmates that she had bonded with, showing a more vulnerable and friendly demeanor. She also began to go on shopping trips with them and found that she very much enjoyed talking with her friends while buying clothes, shoes and the like.

Her behavior caused her father to be angry and disappointed in her, which made Saachi feel guilty. While she did like painting and shopping, at the same time, the more time she spent out, the less time she spent studying, which was showing with a minor decrease in the grades that she was getting. In order to appease her father, the family had a group conversation and in the end, she agreed to spend less time out in exchange for her father to not be visibly angry about her efforts to go out.

Another agreement that they came to was for Saachi to participate in school activities at high school, so that her father would be more open to her going out with friends. She joined the debating club, thinking that her father would approve of her joining such a club, and grew to enjoy arguing with others and forming constructive criticisms. To this day, she still partakes in debating and is the head of the debating club.

While she did know much about SOTF TV and it’s popularity, her father felt that the content was inappropriate for her and thus, forbade her from watching it. When she was approaching the end of middle school, curiosity got the better of her and so she watched it online without telling her dad. As soon as she saw what the show actually was, she immediately despised it due to her not liking the violence or the fact that they were actual kids who were being killed just for people to watch. She is not afraid of expressing these feelings, which did cause her to get in fights with various fans of the SOTF-TV series.

She normally stays up late at night, finishing homework and getting the best grades she can in order to appease her father. Due to this, she gets little sleep and acts more irritable during school times due to her exhaustion from staying up late.

Saachi exhibits herself as a confident person and isn’t afraid to butt horns with people if it meant that she could get what she wants. She is very headstrong and may refuse to change her viewpoint if she feels that the other person is clearly wrong. She always tries to keep calm and rational, but occasionally lets this slip if she is feeling extremely angry or sad.

To her friends, she is more casual and less argumentative. While she does occasionally get into arguments with friends due to disagreements, she tries to not let the urge to argue overtake her. She is a believer of tough love and will not lie to any of her friends unless she feels that it is necessary to do so.

Advantages: Her ability to stay calm can allow her keep her cool while on SOTF: TV. Her confidence may allow her to be more willing to follow through with the game.
Disadvantages: The intimidating persona that she adopted in Whittree might cause her classmates to be wary of her. Her headstrong personality could lead to participants to target her and could make forming alliances much harder for her.

Designated Number: Jade Rhinos 1 (JR1).


Designated Weapon: Sock 'Em Boppers

Mentor Comment: "I figure alliances are overrated where the end goal is to outlive, and outlast. The girl's got sand, guts, and the swagger of a tough guy. All she needs is a place to hole up."

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