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February 28th, 2012, 11:51 pm #61

She saw Brian drop Vivian, she had made the arrow hit home.

Wait. Is he actually caring about some-

She heard the boom and felt bits of metal sinking into the flesh around her left hip. She let out a scream of pain at the newest injury, but she had already been running so the majority of the blast had missed her. She already had another arrow despite the pain and fired it though the air.

It flew too far, past Brian and...there were two girls past him

Shit, gotta run, gotta run.

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February 29th, 2012, 6:13 am #62

Samantha continued her mad dash, feeling the sand beneath her, confidant that she had gotten away. There was a dim recognition of more gunfire, and she heard a sound not unlike a knife cutting meat. She smiled as she ran on, numb to the world. She had escaped. She was safe. She could still survive this.

As she dashed through the dunes, she became more and more aware of the narrowing of her vision, the yellow sand turning to grey, the sounds around her becoming more and more muffled.

She started breathing heavily, too heavily, and stopped, looking down. She was not quite sure what to make of the slim rod, poking through her shirt. It looked much like a novelty prank arrow. She touched it with one hand, turning in place sluggishly, trying to find the other end like a cat, after its tail.

Her knees gave way, and she fell to the ground, trying to stay upright. She felt around her back for the other side of the arrow, finding it, and grasping clumsily. Her eyes narrowed as she gave it a slight tug, amazed that the pain had not yet come. Her hands flopped uselessly around, and she collapsed even further, lying down.

Was that someone standing above her? Was anyone there? Dim shapes seemed to block the sun. Were they angels? Demons? Could it be Eoin, come to take her with him? She had a moment of panic, when she realized she would be leaving without anything to say. She coughed, feeling warm liquid roll down her lips. She managed to swing her hand up, slightly, reaching toward that shape which filled her view. Desperately, she reached for something to say to the world. "". She did not know who the words were for, but as she felt them leave her lips, she knew that someone in the world would be found by them, maybe saved by them, and that was enough.

She smiled weakly, and let her hand drop to the sand.

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Brian gritted his teeth as everything turned out wrong. Rebecca was here, being a thorn in his side.

Weren't we just kissing a few hours ago? It was her, right? It had to have been her.

Now she was firing arrows at him, Vivian was dead, Renee was nowhere to be found and Brian was starting to think that it was a bad idea to come here, even if he finally got to finish what he started.

What did that even mean? He was surrounded by dead kids he knew, one he had even killed himself and none of it meant anything because that harpy of a woman had taken that victory away from him.

He knelt down beside Vivian again, touching her cheek briefly, for a second he thought to go through her pocket, maybe her bag, maybe she had something of use, like that tomahawk she had to kill that waify girl before. But what use was it? Rebecca was still there and she had killed two people here by just standing. What was he doing?

He snatched his hand away from her like she was on fire, taking a step back and stumbling away.

He had winged her, right? He had gotten her with his shot? That meant something, right? In the grand scheme of things? He gritted his teeth, thought of distance, of movement, of getting shit done and of surviving this game. It wasn't about the numbers now, he saw that well enough. It was about surviving and getting out of this game alive.

Like Vivian hadn't been able to.

He'd deal with Rebecca if he ever saw her again though. Like Eoin, he'd finish what he had started

(Brian Larke continued elsewhere.)

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"We're gonna make it!, just a little bit more sam!" was what left her lips what she wanted to say was "we're gonna make it just a bit more and I will tell you! how much I love you!" then it dawned on her...

Sam was not running anymore. In fact she was staring at something sticking out of her. "Sam...Sammy?" was all she could croak out in shock as she ran towards her friend who had fallen.

She stared down in shock as she tried in vain to help Sam. But she was no doctor all she could do was stay near her in her final moments.

"I love you..." Sam said as blood dripped down her lips and her life ended.

"I love you too..." cried Lena as she futilely checked for a pulse. But Sams heart beat no more and much to Lenas horror her palpitations had stopped also. She carefully lifted Sams lifeless body back to the trading post and placed it next to Eoins.

"I may have a day...I may have a week but I promise the both of you...I am going to kill the bastards who killed you,"

Lena looked down at the lifeless bodies of her friends and then walked away. A new mission in her eyes...

((Lenas roaring rampage of revenge begins elsewhere...))

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March 3rd, 2012, 4:07 am #65

She was running again. Her legs hurt. The bruises on her body were making every step feel like she was getting jabbed.

Would Brian kill her? He better not, he had a gun and she still didn't. She was bleeding. He made her bleed. Gotta run. Then bandage, there were first aid kits right? Would first aid even work for gunshot wounds?


(Rebecca Clark continued in Sleep)