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Name: Taylor DeVasher
Gender: Male
Age: 17
School: Davison High School
Hobbies and Interests: Guitar playing, song writing, listening to music, t-shirt designing, sewing, jewelry making, body art and piercings

Appearance: Taylor stands at about 5'8” and weighs 127 pounds. This makes him fairly skinny, although he does have some slight muscle on his biceps. His skin is slightly pale and he has a round, oval shaped face. Although naturally black haired, he began to bleach and dye his hair when he was thirteen. His straight hair is currently a light blonde and reaches his chin. He hasn't bleached his hair in a while, so his dark roots are showing. His dark eyebrows reflect his original hair color and rest above bright blue eyes. He has a small nose and fairly straight teeth which he makes sure to keep looking clean.

Taylor's mode of dress is very casual but fitting a rock star style. He likes to wear t-shirts he designed and torn blue jeans. He also is very interested in jewelry design and makes a lot of the jewelry he wears, such as rings and necklaces he made from found materials. Taylor does have a few piercings, such as a stud in his left ear and a stud in his chin.

On Casting Day, Taylor was wearing a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt with “Schrodinger's Lovers” printed on it in black letters, acid washed blue jeans with tears on the knees, and worn red sneakers. He was also wearing a bit of jewelry, including the studs in his ear and chin, a necklace made of black string and copper wire, a bracelet on his right wrist made from recycled soda cans, and a ring on his left hand made from a pop top bent into a ring shape.

Biography: Taylor Alan DeVasher was born on October 22 to Eli and Marlene DeVasher. Eli is the manager of a sporting goods store and Marlene works as a nurse at a free clinic. He is the youngest of five children, having two older brothers and two older sisters. His eldest brother, Jonas, is 28 and works as a science teacher in Santa Monica. His eldest sister, Candice, is 25 and works as a chef in Phoenix. His other siblings, Zachary and Olivia, are both 22 and attend college at University of New Mexico. Since none of his siblings live at home, Taylor only sees them during holidays. He tries to keep up with them through email, but at times forgets to stay in contact with them.

Being the baby of the family, Taylor was often treated as one. His siblings were all several years older then him, so they treated him as someone they needed to guide and teach. This led to Taylor feeling somewhat inferior to the rest of his family. He often found himself hoping to find a way to show he could do things on his own.

When he was eight, Taylor discovered a love of music when he found himself spending hours listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. Taylor wanted to learn how to play guitar, and after a few years of begging, he received an acoustic guitar for his tenth birthday. He began to take lessons and became proficient enough to learn how to write his own music. He received an electric guitar when he was fourteen and now plays it more than his acoustic guitar, although he still keeps it at home.

Taylor wants to be a rock star, so he began to change his appearance to become one. He got his hair bleached at a salon when he was thirteen, something his mother was surprised by. While she had supported his music playing, Marlene had been less than happy with his cosmetic decisions. Eli, however, is fine as long as Taylor doesn't go too extreme and pays for it with his own money. As a result, Taylor has only gotten two piercings and is planning to save up for a tattoo when he turns eighteen.

For most of his life, Taylor has been a friendly and outgoing individual. He likes to make friends and know people around him. However, this does mean he can be a little brash and over eager, usually finding himself prone to acting without much thought and without thinking of others. However, Taylor doesn't really react well to being insulted or criticized, whether it is about his interests or character. He usually finds himself losing his temper and prone to insult back if he feels someone is offering negative criticism towards him.

Upon entering high school, Taylor found another interest arising in fashion design. Taylor found himself drawn to the idea of making his own clothes, particularly for his rock star persona, and began to take classes to learn certain techniques. Taylor received a used t-shirt press for Christmas one year and more often uses that to put phrases and designs on plain t-shirts.

He also began to experiment with making jewelry in an attempt to make himself look different from his peers. Taylor prefers to use found materials such as soda cans, wire, cardboard, and paper to make his jewelry. He thinks it makes him look rustic and creative, so he's always looking for materials he can wear.

It was also during high school that Taylor joined a band. He found a flier of a band looking for a guitarist and decided to try it out. He won the part and joined the alternative group Schrodinger's Lovers with Lilly Breen and Babs Mulaney after auditioning with a cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal." As the guitarist, Taylor tends to play a lot of what Babs gives him although he tries to compose his own music as well. He's good friends with the girls, although he does sometimes quarrel with Lilly over who is in the spotlight. Taylor takes pride in his guitar playing, and sometimes feels Lilly can be a bit of a hog for the attention on the band.

Taylor doesn't watch a whole lot of television, but he does make sure to watch SOTF-TV. Although not really a fan of the violence, he does like to follow the people on the show, particularly the winners, since he loves to see people in his age group become famous. He tends to be more interested in what becomes of the winners as a result.

In school, Taylor gets mostly average grades. He's not very proficient in math and science, usually doing better in elective courses. In school, Taylor often finds himself daydreaming, thinking of music to play or a phrase he could put on a shirt. Lately, his grades have begun to slip due to him spending more time daydreaming and focusing on his interests than studying or doing homework. He is hoping to get into an art school when he graduates, so he makes sure to not have any failing grades. His post-high school plans involve going to an art school. Although he wants to be a famous musician, he plans on getting a degree in fashion design and merchandising so he has a fall back.

Advantages: Taylor is a friendly guy and might be easy to befriend in the game. Taylor has watched previous seasons of SOTF-TV and has some knowledge of the game.
Disadvantages: Taylor is a bit brash and might go into situations without thinking them through. He also can find himself daydreaming at times, something that can cause him to be distracted in the game. Taylor does not react to insults or criticism well, and can sometimes lose his temper if he's insulted.

Designated Number: Ivory Sharks 2 (IS2).


Designated Weapon: M67 Grenades x4

Mentor Comment: "An eye for fashion, I see - I can relate. Mister DeVasher may be called upon to do some heavy lifting for his team, but you don't have to cut an imposing figure to create a little shock and awe."

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