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Once again, the tire iron connected against someone’s body. Chris, like Brigid, had raised an arm to defend himself. However, Miranda felt something new.

She cried out.

Something had hit her in the leg. Miranda felt herself lose her balance. Her eyes snapped downward for a moment, only to see the spear thing right at the spot. But it was only a split second. Another, and she felt something hit her in the back, sending her falling to the ground. The tire iron had landed next to her.

There was yelling, and scrambling noises, and god knew what else. But Miranda lifted her head and pulled herself up with her arms. Her leg swam with pain, only dulled by adrenaline. But, by the time she looked up, Brigid and Chris were gone. For a moment, she’d stared at the direction they went, then continued pulling herself up. The pain in her leg only got worse. She sat there, spitting out dirt from her mouth. But, eventually, she looked down.

It felt like Brigid hadn’t cut her open, and looked like it, too. However, a slowly growing purple bruise had started to form, just under her right knee. It took a moment, but Miranda slowly reached down to touch it. She seethed when her fingers brushed along the bruise.

She had to be careful in the future.

It also felt like she landed in something soft, and gooey. It’d explain the green avocado stains on the front of her dress, at least.

Miranda looked up. It was getting dark, too. Her heart was still pounding.

Things weren’t coming to a great start.

((Miranda Millers continued in I'll Be The Actress Starring In Your Bad Dreams))
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