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The two of them had been so preoccupied with their epic battle for the spot that neither had noticed the ominous-looking clouds up ahead, the sudden rain and thunder making Anzu squeak a bit in surprise.

Following their teacher's instructions, Anzu and Ashley walked hand-in-hand back inside, Anzu happy with the knowledge that she had made a new friend.

Even if it had been in a rather... unorthodox manner.

((Anzu Sakamoto's Memories: Continued elsewhere.))
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Daniel Whitten: Your turn, kid.
Alice Gilman: You can't afford to care again.
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This is Not My Country, This is Not What I Believe - Program V2:
Ashley "Ash" Sydor: "...Bye, Dylan. I've got an idiot boyfriend to yell at." Girl Number 15 ! Get Equipped with A Snuggie ! Beaten and broken at the scorched ruins.

Video Killed All Its Stars - TV2
Erik Lowell:"Dear viewers, this is your humble reporter Erik Lowell signing off- signing off for the last time. Good night." RF4 - Gifted with a shotgun. Broadcasted for the last time from the orchard.
Anzu Sakamoto: "I. Didn't. Shoot." AE4 - Burdened with a useless piece of shit. In the casino, she died as she lived - spitefully.

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Ashley Sydor:

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