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Name: Colin Pigeon
Gender: Male
Age: 17
School: Davison Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Art, hanging out with friends, Internet browsing

Appearance: Colin, build-wise, is nothing all that special, coming in at 5' 8" and 142 pounds. He lacks muscle due to a lack of physical activity, and is generally seen as fairly lanky. He is fully Caucasian, and it definitely shows. Colin is incredibly pale due to a general lack of sunlight.

Colin's face, like the rest of his body, is lean. His nose is relatively flat, and his cheeks are a bit sunken in, leading down to a sharp chin. His irises, a dark green in color, tend to be obscured by half-shut eyelids. He has thin lips that cover a mouth which gives off a look of disinterest when frowning, but slyness when smiling. His bright blond hair is a bit long for a boy, reaching down to the end of his neck in the back, but is usually fairly disheveled.

Colin doesn't put much effort into his clothes, usually falling back on standard fare - t-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers, etc. Some of these clothes have the occasional small hole or dirt mark on them. On the day he was taken for SOTF, Colin was wearing a plain grey t-shirt, slightly scuffed jeans, and some worn out sneakers.

Biography: Colin was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 8, 2002, as the only child of Claire and George Pigeon. Claire was a stay-at-home mom, while George worked at a small nearby hotel as the assistant manager. They lived in a modest one story home and were seen as generally nice and friendly by the neighbors, if a bit plain.

As a child, things were relatively normal for Colin. He had a modest group of friends at school, and he would come home to a pair of loving and supportive parents. Like a lot of other kids, his parents signed him up for little league sports, such as baseball and soccer, but he dropped them pretty quickly due to a lack of interest and ability. He was on pretty good terms with both parents, especially his father, who would try his best to take him out for museum or movie theater trips on the weekends.

Colin's life was pretty uneventful up until he was twelve years old. On April 24, 2014, George was driving home from work when a drunk driver ran a red light, slamming full force into George's car. Medical services arrived a few minutes later and declared him dead on the scene.

This obviously had a large impact on Colin, but it had an even bigger impact on Claire. She stayed in the house for weeks, refusing to speak to anyone, including Colin. Eventually she managed to resume something of a normal routine, but the loss of her husband had hit her hard. She kept generally quiet, though a bit less isolated before, as she was at least trying to be the figure in Colin's life that she was before. She still didn't leave the house often and was relatively quiet, only managing to live off of unemployment checks and George's life insurance. She would also eventually start job searching, managing to pick up a couple of jobs over the years, but she ultimately lost them due to her attitude or general cutbacks and is unemployed at the moment.

Along with this, Claire became a lot more lax when it came to overseeing Colin. She made sure he was fed, sheltered, and generally happy, but that was mostly the extent of it. It was a lack of energy at first, then a mix of a fear of retaliation and feeling he was mature enough to take care of himself. This left Colin with a lot more freedom than he had before.

Colin himself managed to get over the news a lot quicker. He still feels badly about it and tries to avoid the topic in conversation, but when he was older he came to the conclusion that, while unfortunate, it was just a part of life and getting caught up in it wasn't going to do anyone any good. Both the death and his mother's behavior afterwards affected him, though, in that he too generally became more lax. He figured that there wasn't much point in trying to be the best, as recognition was so hard to come by even with tremendous skill and life was generally too short to be worrying about that anyways. Finding a lot of enjoyment in this new philosophy, Colin quickly fell into a pattern of doing the bare minimum of what was required and not much else.

Colin was never really one to join many clubs or activities, so in middle school he found himself with a lot more free time. Since he had a tendency to doodle a lot in class, he decided to try out drawing and found it a very relaxing hobby where he didn't really have to deal with anyone else. He spends many afternoons in his room drawing whatever he can think of, then taking them to school to try and sell for some minor cash. As he has not had any formal training and is of average skill, he is only occasionally successful in this.

Around the same time, Colin ended up taking a passing interest in the Internet, mainly using up time by watching random videos or using social media. He knows of Survival of the Fittest and has watched a couple of episodes, but generally passes on it as "not being his kind of thing".

When it was time to transition to high school, Colin made a decision: he was going to try and get into Davison Secondary. It was mostly a "why not" sort of decision, with Colin thinking the school looked kind of cool. He managed to pass the entrance exam by the skin of his teeth, something which his mom was a bit proud of. Since she was currently holding down a job as a secretary, she was able to help out a lot with tuition, and Colin was accepted into the class of 2022.

The rest of his high school career was generally uneventful, which is exactly how Colin preferred it. He did end up having to interact with his classmates more than he did in middle school, though, which he didn't mind all that much. He managed to gain a small group of friends, who enjoyed his laid-back and carefree attitude. Other students, however, found him to be an insufferable, lazy jerk who only cared about himself. His peculiar last name also makes him the butt of some jokes and nicknames. Colin wouldn't really have a problem with other students unless they directly confronted him, in which case he would get much more annoyed. He mainly stuck to the people who liked him and tagged along if they were going to a party, getting a bite to eat, or something of the sort.

His relationship with his mom is fairly non-existent. They have no problems with each other and can even enjoy each other's company, but each generally prefers doing things on their own and thus stay out of each other's way. At school, Colin makes sure to maintain a solid C average, just enough to avoid any academic trouble. He has no particular aspirations for the future outside of the immediate goal of graduating high school.

Advantages: Colin is very good at keeping his calm, meaning he will likely be able to handle being on Survival of the Fittest well. He is also more clever than his grades and attitude might let on, something which could make his classmates underestimate him.
Disadvantages: On the other hand, Colin might be a bit too laid-back, which could lead to him making some careless mistakes. There's also a good chunk of his classmates that aren't very fond of him, which could make it hard for him to find allies. His lack of athletic training means that he doesn't have that much strength, speed, or stamina.

Designated Number: Honey Badgers 4 (HB4).


Designated Weapon: Fleshlight.

Mentor Comment: "All I can say is die how you lived, man - Relaxed, with some artificial poon."

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