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Name: Nina Riddhi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
School: Whitree Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Violin, animal care, wood carving, kickboxing

Appearance: Nina has shoulder length curly dark hair, which she usually wears down. Sometimes it looks somewhat disheveled, as if she had just gotten out of bed, particularly after she's been drinking hard the previous evening. Otherwise, however, she tries to keep it looking clean and well-taken care of.

She is Asian-Indian, which shows in her darker skin tone. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost black, and often look exhausted. Nina uses makeup to hide her tired looks, including eyeliner, lipgloss, and foundation. She has a long nose, with thin lips. Nina has somewhat of a square face, with a rounded chin and square cheekbones. Her eyebrows are very prominent, and the same color as her hair. As for her ears, she tends to prefer long earrings, and on the day of the game's start she was wearing small hoops.

Nina is about 5'8, and weighs about 164 pounds, making her somewhat tall and on the higher end of average in weight, and with a somewhat curvy frame, though you can spot a bit of muscle on her arms. She occasionally slouches, making her look slightly shorter than she actually is. Her nails are usually painted black, while her hands occasionally have a few small knicks on them from woodcarving. As for her taste in clothing, she doesn't mind wearing things that show off skin, though she's not particularly showy about it. On the day the game started she was wearing a white tank top with cut-off jean shorts; Nina had fallen off the wagon the previous evening and became absent due to a hangover, causing her to put on what she had first came across when dressing herself for the day. She normally wears black cowboy style boots with plain colored white socks. On her left wrist she wears a simple woven brown bracelet.

Biography: Nina was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the only child of her parents. Her mother worked as a veterinarian, while her father as a house-husband; he originally worked as a construction worker, but was injured and unable to work. Her parents immigrated from India five years before she was born, and while she herself identifies as South Asian ethnically she has never been to her parent's country of origin herself.

Due to her mother's profession, Nina has always been close to animals, and there has always been at least one family pet in her life. In addition, her mother has treated many of the pets in Whitree, being one of the few veterinarians in town, giving Nina a reputation as the vet's daughter. Nina quickly grew to, like her mother, love animals and caring for them herself.

For the most part, Nina's childhood was happy. Aside from growing up with animals as a large part of her life, her father was always there to help her and be there for her if she needed anything, as well as her mother, who would give just as much love and devotion when she got off work. At a young age, Nina proved to be a bright child. Starting from elementary she played the violin, and while she is by no means an expert she is quite good at it. Even now, she sometimes plays it, particularly when she's stressed out.

Starting from 7th grade, Nina learned how to woodcarve. Her father had taught her, keeping a close eye on her to make sure she didn't get hurt. While it isn't one of Nina's major hobbies, she enjoys it all the same. Sometimes when she feels depressed and none of her friends were around she would attempt to carve something.

In junior high, her parents were worried about her not having any sort of physical activity to participate in, and felt like she needed more regular exercise. As a result, they looked for afterschool activities for her to lessen her energy and become fit. The second that Nina had found out that there were kickboxing classes in Whitree she immediately begged her parents if she could go. Naturally, they let her, and Nina enjoyed it. Even now, she still goes to classes, though she isn't fond of the idea of doing it professionally or competitively.

Once Nina entered high school, she made friends with a lot of the upperclassmen, and soon she was being invited to parties and other outings. Usually these events involved alcohol and drugs, which Nina knew was considered inappropriate, especially for her age. However, the fact that they were risky and more suited for someone much older made Nina feel independent, and as a result she frequently went to these parties.

Nina started drinking as a result, initially to impress her friends, both the older classmates she had befriended and people closer to her age. Many of her friends were from these parties, and from a much more rough crowd than she was used to. One of them had taught her how to make a false driver's license, and she was able to buy alcohol herself. In addition, she often stole alcohol from her parents, who kept a bit in the fridge.

It wasn't long before her parents started to notice the change in Nina's behavior. They had started to get worried how she would come and go at odd hours, occasionally with alcohol on her breath. Due to her father being home fairly often, he would often stop to question her when she left or when she came home at an odd time. As a result, her relationship with her parents, which had once been positive, had started to deteriorate. Nina often tried to avoid home, sleeping over at a friend's house to hide the fact that she had been drinking.

In junior year, things finally reached the point where her parents had to intervene further. The school had called home one day, saying that Nina hadn't shown up; she had been pressured by her friends to ditch class that day to drive down to Stillwater. Shortly after this, her father had been cleaning her room a bit, only to discover a bottle of beer and an open box on condoms hidden inside her closet. That evening, Nina had a talk with her parents. They had been worried about her for a long time, and wanted to stop her from getting hurt or ending up in trouble. Nina had been defensive about her problems at the time, but agreed to at least attempt to stop drinking and being with her friends for the time being.

Before class was out for the summer, one of her friends had been arrested for drug possession and was eventually sent to juvenile hall. This had a large impact on Nina; she was scared that she was going to be arrested or end up in a similar situation where her life was going. As a result, she attempted to quit drinking and avoid her previous friends. Her parents were behind this decision, and supported her every step of the way. Nina hasn't joined any support groups, out of fear that she would be judged just for going to one. However, after a bit of pushing she agreed to go to a therapist.

At school, her reputation isn't a good one. Many students still remember her as a bit of a troublemaker and try to avoid her. In addition, some rumors still float about, some true and some not. She still has somewhat of a loud-mouth and crude way of talking as well from her previous friends, making her come off more impolite than what she intends. However, outside of this she can be fun-loving and cheerful, with a big smile on her face frequently. Her grades hadn't been so good until this year; she normally got Cs previously in highschool, but as of senior year her grades have gone up due to studying more rigorously, giving her upper Bs with the occasional A on assignments. Despite first appearances, Nina is an intelligent girl, and does learn fairly quickly. The main reason why she didn't get good grades before was simply because she wasn't putting her energy into doing well.

Nina loves animals, as mentioned before, and over the same summer she decided to attempt to lead a better life she attempted to go vegan, having heard about how animals suffer in food production. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to keep it up due to a love of meat and other animal products. However, she still remains completely sensitive about animals, and loves caring for them. As of currently, there are two animals in the home; a brown pit bull named Barkley, and an albino rabbit named Ruby. Both of them had been rescued and adopted by Nina's family. Barkley had been found as a puppy in the middle of a dog fighting ring, having had his face scarred due to multiple bites and scratches; he had been cleaned up, re-socialized, and adopted by the Riddhis. While he still remains a very skittish animal, despite his past and his facial scarring Barkley managed to be a very affectionate dog. Ruby had been abandoned along with the rest of her litter and found in a box alongside the road, having been there for two days without food. After Nina's mother treated them she tried to find them a home, and after a bit of persuasion from Nina she agreed to keep the last rabbit, Ruby, as long as she cared for her.

This lead to a moment earlier this school year where she felt uncomfortable. A few of her classmates had been giggling over something at their laptops during lunch one day, and Nina, curious, had begun to ask about what they were watching that was so funny. She discovered that they were laughing over a scene in the previous season of SOTF-TV where a baby boa constricter had been killed with a wrench, and Nina was horrified. The classmates were confused by her reaction, and one asked why she was so disturbed by the boa, while the regular murder of teenagers didn't get a reaction out of her. Nina normally doesn't feel either way about SOTF-TV, but the question still stuck with her.

Nina has been trying to rediscover herself as of the start of senior year, and has made very little progress beyond going sober. She knows she likes working with animals, still participates in kickboxing classes, is still a member of the school orchestra, and still does occasionally woodcarve. However, she is not sure who she is currently. Nina joined a fair amount of clubs at the start of the school year, only to drop most of them when she found out they weren't for her. In a lot of ways, Nina is essentially trying to start over, and is still trying to find out what she wants for herself. She has no idea what she wants to do after highschool, only that she wants to move out of Whitree some day. Overall, Nina feels unfulfilled, as if she hasn't figured out what truly interests or makes her happy.

Ever since the summer, Nina has been trying to avoid her friends from before. However, it has been difficult; some of them still try to get in contact with her, and a few closer to her age still are at Whitree Secondary. She has been trying to not let them know that she has been attempting to avoid them, but instead attempts to find excuses why she couldn't hang out with them. While she still does feel withdrawal symptoms and cravings, she had been doing a pretty good job of staying sober; the last time she had started drinking was in mid-September, and had managed to avoid alcohol for a long time. Halloween had been difficult due to having been invited to a party where there was alcohol, but she managed to avoid it by politely declining the invitation and instead handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. Similarly, Thanksgiving had been stressful due to an older extended family member offering her beer, ignoring her age and not realizing she was trying to recover from a previous alcohol problem; naturally, this started an argument between her parents and the family member. Nina finally fell off the wagon the night before she had been picked up for SOTF-TV, due to stress from a mixture of having had an important test that day and having had an argument with a close friend afterwards.

Advantages: Nina knows a bit about animals and their behaviors, giving her an idea of how to react when dealing with any wild animals on the island. Due to having some skill in wood-carving, Nina is quite good with her hands. She comes off as a cheerful, fun-loving sort, lessening any chances of her being killed out of a grudge. While unfulfilled, she does have a degree of cleverness. She knows a bit about self-defense due to having taken kickboxing.
Disadvantages: Nina has been recovering from a drinking problem; the negative health effects may impact her ability in the game. Some of her comments may inadvertently offend someone due to their wording. Due to her love of animals, Nina may have a hard time killing one in the scenario where she would have to. Nina has no real insight into what her goals are or who she personally is deep down, possibly having an impact on how she goes about the game. Her reputation is not exactly the best, and while she has been trying to clean up her act some students may still be wary of her.

Designated Number: Honey Badgers 1 (HB1).


Designated Weapon: Nair Lotion.

Mentor Comment: "This is the type of girl who just says the wrong thing to the wrong person and ends up a stiff on the concrete. Hope she likes smiling when all her teeth are knocked out."

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