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Name: Tania Chell
Gender: Female
Age: 17
School: P.J. Hobbs Senior High School (Denton, New Jersey)
Hobbies and Interests: Philosophy, Natural Science, Social Science, Psychology, World Mythology

Appearance: Tania stands at 5' 8" and weighs 122 lbs. Her skin is pale white, her hair is jet black and worn in a ponytail, and her eyes are a mostly-green hazel. Her nose is sharp and small, her ears are slightly sharp, and she has long eyelashes. Her teeth are straight and white, and her lips are thin and a dull pink.

She usually wears warm, bright colors like oranges, yellows, and pinks. She prefers attire with mythological or religious imagery regardless of cultural origin; as such, she has jewelry of various religious as well as mythological iconography. Her favorites are a gold Ouroboros ring, a gold Sun-Moon-And-Stars necklace, and dark brown leather armband bracelets with tribal animal motifs. She wears photochromic lens sunglasses, but usually keeps them atop her head rather than on her face.

When she was abducted, she was wearing her favorite jewelry, armbands, her sunglasses, a pink blouse, a grey jacket with a professionally-added magatama pattern in red around the zipper lines, a pale-blue knee-length skirt, and black dress boots.

Biography: Tania was born the middle child of three girls to Arthur Chell and Marie Reznov, restaurateurs. Her parents had met as employees of a small, but decently-frequented restaurant. They bonded during their tenure as employees, and earned enough of the trust of the previous owner to hand the business over to them when he retired, having no children himself. They ran the establishment well, even involving their three girls in the business as they grew. Business boomed well along with the economy of the city as large, but as things began to decline so too did the restaurant. Still, they managed to get by even as they had to make cuts to the staff and become more of a family-only restaurant.

Tania grew up along with her siblings living a fairly normal life. She was close with her sisters, but she found no problem socializing and making friends with other children. More than anything she loved talking to people and exchanging ideas with the regulars at the restaurant. Tania loved meeting new people, making friends, and getting to know people, but not for the same reasons as other children her age. For Tania, people were interesting on a conceptual level. She enjoyed people in a general capacity, more than an individual level. She wanted to know all about people, what made them unique and special. She didn't shy away from the interests common to most children, toys and games, but she was always more interested in the people playing with them than the things themselves. What drew her to love people was the myriad ways that they affected each other, the differing ideas and opinions they had, and the ways they viewed the world around them.

As she grew up, and learned more in school, she turned her interest in particular to the sciences. Along with her interest in people and her desire to understand them, she thought she should allow herself to learn more about the world itself. To that end, Natural Science interested her because it let her know more about the world around her, and what humans knew about it. Social Science gave her an understanding of how people themselves worked, and how they came together. Psychology drew her into the inner-workings of the mind, letting her understand why people did the things they did. Apart from science, Tania also developed an interest in philosophy and mythology. The nature of knowledge itself, and the study of it was an amazing thing to the girl. Mythology, particular the cultural aspects, was something that Tania grew to love as well. The stories and impact upon culture were things that she enjoyed the most, as they helped her to understand people more. She desired to continue her education in the field of sociology, though she still hasn't decided what she wanted to do specifically.

Due to her interests, Tania became very knowledgeable and did very well in her schoolwork. Even if other subjects didn't interest her as much, she did enjoy the pursuit of knowledge itself. She was highly intelligent and always did her best in every subject, but she didn't do well with pressure and tight deadlines put on her. As she developed her particular inclinations toward more scholarly and high-minded things, her circle of friends became more in line with the stereotypical 'smart' kids. She didn't stop associating with people outside of her circle, but she didn't spend as much time with people outside of it since they didn't have as much in common with her. In addition, her people-watching and observation habits made her seem strange to most other kids, particularly those who didn't know her. At home, Tania was much more reserved and rarely spoke without being spoken to. At the restaurant, she helped out by: welcoming patrons, waiting tables, taking orders, delivering meals to tables, and cleaning the dining area after hours. The stress of the restaurant drained her, although her parents tried to accommodate her; however, during business hours they had to be a bit less gentle with her and compel her to keep up with her work. When they were off work, they tried to engage Tania and account for her quirks, but it was difficult with her tendency to shut down after work.

Still, Tania loved people. She helped out at the restaurant whenever her parents needed her to, she hung out with her friends as often as she could, and she always went observing people as she went. She would always carry a book or two on science, philosophy, or mythology to learn more and increase her understanding of people. She knew that, no matter what happened in her life, she would always love being around and learning about people.

Advantages: Tania loves people, and is very easy-going. Even if they don't share her interests, she prefers to be around others and get to know them. She's sure to stick to any alliance made, and back up her friends in anything; if she can find a good group, she can stay safe with them for as long as they stick together.
Disadvantages: Tania isn't very athletic, has little practical experience in anything, and can be a little too trusting. Her pursuit of knowledge has left her with a lot of ideas, but not much of substance to help her.

Original Profile: Tania Chell (Virtua)

Designated Number: Female Student No. 21


Designated Weapon: Kevlar Bulletproof Vest
Conclusion: Literally the only thing this girl has going for her is that she has a bulletproof vest.

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