Fear and Fury

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((G15: Yumi Nunes- Start))

For Yumi, the process of realizing what had happened to her class was immediate and harsh. The instant that she had awakened in an unmarked area of the wilderness with nothing but a duffel bag at her side, and went through the process of determining whether or not she was dreaming, the realization hit her like a needle through the heart. She was alone in a hostile environment with her classmates, whom had been encouraged to kill each other on sight. The phrase “worst case scenario” was one that had been overused for years, but if Yumi could choose a time to use it personally, this would be it.

Initially, she completely withdrew into her own little space and sobbed. After all, she was frail, weak, and lacked significant connections with a vast majority of her peers. She couldn’t think of many more ways for the deck to be stacked against her moreso than it already was. Various ways she could die played through her mind. She could be stabbed in the chest, shot through the eye, beaten to death, have her neck slit, thrown from a cliff, and so many other horrible fates. Nothing that passed through her thoughts would bring her even the slightest thought of peace. That right had been taken from her the moment the terrorists appeared.

She could have stayed in that one spot, curled up and waiting to die for as long as it took for someone to do the deed. But even though she felt she had no chance of survival, she couldn’t justify simply waiting for death to take her away. She was still alive and relatively unhurt, so she felt compelled to head off in search of anyone or anything nearby. After all, even though she was positive that she was doomed to failure, there was a chance, however minute it may be, that she may find a way to escape. It would probably require a lot of highly intelligent classmates working together, but it wasn’t impossible.

She navigated through the trees and bushes, taking care not to disturb them too much for fear of angering any potential wildlife or insects that may be inside. It was after passing between a pair of strangely bent trees that she happened upon a clearing that gave her a good view of the coast.. It was here that she made her first significant discovery: A tall, blond student in a football jersey slumbering in the dirt.

((B10: Adonis Alba- Start))

“Shit… what time is it?”

Yumi stepped back in surprise as Adonis began to shift. He groaned and slowly got to his knees, rubbing his head and squinting as his eyes adjusted to the sunlight. The blurry image of his surroundings slowly came into focus, and the first clear sight he received was of the nervous Yumi staring at him with wide eyes. What the hell was she doing watching him sleep? He scowled at the unexpected sight and barked at her.

“The fuck you lookin’ at, scarecrow?”

Yumi jumped at the sudden shout directed at her by the angry ex-jock. She shuddered and put her hands up, creating an essentially nonexistent barrier between the two of them as she tried to state her piece. Unfortunately, the stress of the situation did not do anything positive for her stutter, and she struggled to communicate the most basic thought that came to mind.

“I’m s-sorry…”

She took another step back, looking ready to run at any moment. Adonis shook his head and let the memories come back to him. The kidnapping, the briefing… all that bad stuff. Once he was fully aware, he reevaluated the situation. There he was, looking like the bad guy and yelling at some girl who looked like she was expecting him to jump up and tear her throat out.

To be honest, he felt like kind of an asshole.

“Alright, alright…” He said, trying to sound less angry and doing an arguably effective job. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to come off like that. Just…” He didn’t really know how to play this off. He went from sleeping to screaming his head off in six seconds flat. It was hard to make a worse first impression without actively putting in an effort. He waved his hand like he was trying to swat away a nearby fly. “I don’t know. Just leave me alone.”

Yumi was all too eager to do exactly that. She took a few more steps back before turning around and running away, quickly getting lost in the foliage. She knew enough to know that Adonis Alba was scary, and she didn’t want to hang around him any longer than she needed to.

Alone again, Adonis picked himself up off the ground and slid his duffel bag over his shoulder. He was still nursing some post-nap grogginess, but wasn’t about to waste time just sitting around and waiting to wake up. He looked off at the horizon, the sun still shining away despite the dark-as-hell situation that he found himself in.

Well this fuckin’ sucks, doesn’t it?

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