Don't Trust the Cute Blondes

These are the woods on the island’s northern coast. The trees run nearly all the way to the sea, allowing only a thin stretch of beach, which disappears altogether depending on the tide. The trees here are largely coniferous, and are in good health, bolstered by a number of wet years and their proximity to the ocean. These woods are largely fairly dense, though clearings are abundant and comparatively-sparse undergrowth leaves them fairly easy to traverse.

Don't Trust the Cute Blondes

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March 8th, 2018, 2:18 pm #1

Lake: Day 1.

Wendy sat in the dark shed and weeped, her knees up, arms crossed, face down, tears running like wet mascara down the sides of her face.

Her face and hair was still matted with her teacher's blood and brain matter. Her hands continued to tremble. The voice, the shadow man's evil speech was the only sounds outside her own sobs, flowing through her head.

They couldn't expect them - her, to do this. How could she. Especially not with that cold blue box they'd left her, with a frozen carp. They were making fun of her. Maybe because of her last name. It was just a joke, good for a laugh on a girl like her. She knew she didn't have the chance. She wasn't a survivor, she was too dumb.


A new voice. What. Where. Where was it coming from.

"Who-who's there?"

"Here, right in front of you."

Wendy stared at the blue box again, the cooler.

"Wait, what is this? Who are you."

"Come closer Wendy. It will all make sense."

She crawled forward, reopened the igloo, stared into it's chilled contents. How had she not seen it before? It was missing a head. Just like... him

"It-it's you."

"That's right Wendy. It's me. Mr. Dolph."

That didn't make any sense. She saw him, saw his head explode right in front of her, no more than two feet away. He couldn't still be alive. But- but it did, it sounded like him. It looked like what he had last seen of him.

"You are not dumb, Wendy. You have a chance to prove it here. With a little help from me and a little bravery and self-belief in yourself. You stand a chance Wendy."

Mr. Dolph was right. She couldn't give up already. She could do this.

"Take me with you, follow the advice I give. No one would ever think twice about you. They underestimate you. Use this to your advantage. You are smart. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Not even yourself."

That was right, she did have that reputation. But she would prove all of them wrong. She would last far longer than they all expected from her. She would survive as the others would die.

"Don't let what happened to me on that bus, be in vain. Survive. Have some fun out here. This is your new field trip."

A smile formed on Wendy's face. Spend time with friends, with the good people. Camp out just like with daddy. This didn't sound so bad after all, when she thought of it that way.

"Just be careful."

It was inevitable that this island would be filled with literal fun killers. She had to watch out and figure out what to do with them along the way.

"Now, wash up. There's some water outside."

She nodded, a new bright and chipper expression beneath the red coating on her face and hair.

"Okay Mr. Dolph! Let's go."

[[Wendy Fischer Continued From: Shoulder of Orion.]]

A plump bonfire in the middle of a clearing. Weird, but interesting. Smoke was being pushed away due to the winds coming in from the coastline.

Wendy grabbed a lit branch, curiously covered in tar at the tip. It's flame sparkled like a torch. Her new baton.


[[Wendy Fischer Continued to: Bad Bitches Club.]]
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