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Name: Charles 'Charlie' Cade Jr
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight 145 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Kills: 3
Weapon: Bowie Knife

Appearance: Tall and athletic, Charlie has the build and physique of somebody who takes a lot of care to exercise regularly and eat well. Her skin is pale, belying how much time she spends outdoors, and she has an excellent complexion, the product of a rigorous skincare routine. This pallidity, combined with her pale eyes and very light hair, can make Charlie look a little disconcerting at times. Her facial features are sharp and angular; a pointed chin, high cheekbones and slightly snub nose. She wears her hair short, with a boyish side parting. On Announcement Day, Charlie wore a white button-up blouse, a tie and blazer in school colours, and matching skirt, as well as tights and sensible black shoes.

Interests: Charlie has a heavy military focus on the majority of her hobbies; she has every intention of heading into the army once she finishes up with school, and has structured most of her extra-curriculars around that goal. She regularly participates in the cadets program in Denver, and is also a member of the scouts. Charlie also visits the firing range quite often, permitted due to her father's credentials. She dedicates a great deal of time and effort to her academic studies, and can frequently be found studying or taking on extra work. Her best subjects are History, Biology and Military Studies. Charlie also participates in several sports; she plays central defence on the soccer team, co-captains hockey, and is a reserve for the track squad.

History: Captain Charles Cade Sr wanted a legacy. Ambitious and hard working, he was constantly on the lookout for ways to improve his position and reputation. From marrying a decorated servicewoman, Sergeant Frannie Walsh after her second term to requesting the toughest postings, the sky was the limit. His reward was a promotion, a daughter, and the loss of his lower right leg. Forced into retirement, Charles focused on his family and on his new training role on the home front.

His daughter was named for him, because if one Charles Cade was going to have to retire, then the second one needed to pick up the mantle. Charles Jr, or Charlie, was never treated as a boy, but only in the sense that her father didn't change his ambitions based upon her gender. Charlie's childhood was rigorous and regimented, her father taking every opportunity to raise her stock long before she ever would join the military. Still, Charlie herself never had another thought than becoming a soldier; for her, it wasn't even on her radar as something that she had an option not to do.

Charlie has been a model student ever since she was a child; her father and mother support her absolutely, encourage her, and push her towards doing her best. Her sports and team-building exercises prompted her to develop the pragmatic attitude that everyone has potential, and that a person's background should not matter when it comes to their future and their value. Her teachers are fond of her driven nature and there are few if any complaints about her work ethic. There is every expectation she will go directly into officer training upon her graduation.

Personality: Charile is intensely driven, almost to excess. She's known exactly where she wants to be since she was a child, and this focus has been informed both by her family and herself. She's not shy about speaking up, and will be brutally blunt to others she feels are failing to meet her exacting standards. She refuses to allow laziness or lack of effort from those around her, and rarely cares whether or not her criticism would be welcomed. Despite her fierce patriotism, Charlie is an unusual ally for the more disadvantaged members of the student body; her standards do not discriminate, and she expects more from them, not less. Due to her dedication, she can come across as very cold, making her firm and passionate defence of those she does feel meet her standards (or at least try to) all the more surprising.

Reputation: Drill sergeant, slave driver, arrogant, stuck-up bitch. Charlie's ways rarely win her friends, but they do tend to win her respect—as much as one can respect someone who will tear into you for your mistakes. Her determination and passion to be a model patriot are admirable, but usually from afar. Her actual reputation is near enough flawless, save for those who may disapprove of her acceptance of 'less American' students, but overall Charlie is someone you want on your side, not as your friend.
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