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Vincent sighed to himself as he begrudgingly put his knife back into it's resting place and threw off the blanket. He had expected to actually be napping by the time Vahka was done doing his business. Felt premature but nonetheless, it was time to go.

He snapped the leather gloves back on and swept his hair back as he placed his military cap, stretching them out till they fitted just right again. With all his belongings gathered, Vincent walked over to the window to catch up with Vahka.

Before he left though, Vincent gave one last derisive look to "Pais", studying her up, down, all around. He made a teeth-sucking noise and shook his head, rolling out promptly after.

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And then they were - Vahka was - gone, just a few footprints in the snow to show they were ever there.

Pia turned to Paisley. "Vince not exciting enough, so you came to spy on us?" There was more amusement in her voice than accusation. She stepped back in, pulling the door closed and taking Paisley by the arm. "Come on, let's get some sleep. I wanna be out of here in the morning."

"...I'll tell you if you want, but no squishy details, got it? And you've gotta tell me some stuff too."

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A voice echoes from Pia's collar as she exits.

"A pity. I was quite looking forward to observing the effects of overcharged libido when introduced to both cold air and threat of violence."
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Paisley frowned when she saw Vahka and Vincent leave. Part of her, the shy little imp, worried that Vahka's leaving had something to do with her pseudo-conversation with Vincent. But rationality soon saw to that nonsense. Vahka would not be so crass as to leave over something like that. Logic blamed Pia, or, rather, Pia and Vahka, kissing. Paisley was no peeping tom. That sort of thing was sick! So when Vahka realized Paisley was there to see them.

So it was still Paisley's fault. Technically.

Paisley didn't let that bother her though. What's done was done. Once it was all over, Pia spoke again. No squishy stuff? Paisley snorted.

"Eww, Pia!" She squealed. "Gross! I don't want to hear about that."

Her eyes quickly darted to her feet. Paisley considered for a moment. Then she smiled, sadly, save for an uplifting hint.

"... Tch. Whatever, just don't tell Tucker, okay?"

Paisley didn't have any stories to tell. Merely the loosest threads of stories and nothing more. She talked about her first kiss, a dare at summer camp. She mentioned Marcus, briefly, then the other boys. There were a couple, none of whom were soccer players and sweet and kind. It was funny, how she kept coming back to Marcus.

Pia told her about Dougie. And Vahka. Pia wasn't shy, either, though she left out the 'squishy' details. As much as it left a bad taste in her mouth, Paisley always appreciated her candor. She didn't judge Pia. She just listened.

They talked for awhile. Paisley smiled so much, then. It was nice to smile. Pia and Vahka, they had that effect on her.

Marcus too.

She stopped smiling.


Much later, when Pia was safely asleep, Paisley got up and walked out of the room. She felt the choker around her neck, feeling the smooth metal and tiny indentations. Paisley pulled at her bandanna gently.

"Hey, Eli?"

"... Wait, never mind. I'll talk to you later."

She wasn't about to waste her only lifeline on trivial matters. Stupid conspiracies. It was stupid, incredibly stupid, and she needed to stop thinking. Paisley knew what she was going to do. With Pia by her side.. Pia was her only hope. Pia was also her only friend.

So, really, what was there to question? Clear cut. Crystal. No questions.

That's what she told herself. And so Paisley Hopkins pretended to believe Paisley Hopkins.

... Her brain was a stubborn mule though.

(Paisley Hopkins continued in The Devil You Know.)
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