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((Tania Chell continued from Dance-Off in the Prairie))

Tania ran after Tito as fast as she could. She had no idea she could run as fast as she did. But run fast she did. She was catching up. Maybe she might even reach him and talk him out of this nonsense of going off alone. But those thoughts gave way to a rock.

A literal rock. One she tripped over at top speed and landed on the ground. She skidded across the rocky ground, and got herself a pretty bad scrape on her face. Blood started to gather on her cheek. "Ow. Ow. Dammit." She gasped, and held a hand to her mouth. She had never cursed before, and now she was cursing because she fell. What was wrong with her? She tried to get up, using her elbow to steady herself. But she placed her elbow on a sharp rock that started to dig into it. The pain shot through her arm and she jerked the opposite way and onto her back.

She landed on more sharp rocks. "FUCK!" she screamed out. "WHAT THE FUCK!" she cried. She gasped again and covered her mouth with both hands. "No. No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I don't..." Tears started streaming down her face. The saltiness didn't help with her scrape. She got herself up, more rocks digging into her flesh as she did. She winced in pain but kept quiet by biting her lip.

She had wasted time and had lost sight of Tito. He was gone. But she couldn't give up. She started running in the direction she thought he went in. She ran until her breath came short and she looked around gasping. He was nowhere to be found. Where had he gone? They went in the same direction didn't they? She was still crying. But she couldn't give up.

She changed directions and moved to the right, running some more. She found him.

What was left of him. There he was, corpse stuffed with arrows, bleeding out on the ground. She covered her mouth to stifle herself. But it didn't stop the scream. She turned away and ran. Ran faster than she had started. She ran toward the town. She had to find Anton and Mike.

No. She had to find home. Had to hide. Had to run. Tito was right. He was right and now he was dead.

"Fuck. Fuck me. I don't wanna. I don't wanna... I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!" she cried as she ran. She didn't cover her mouth that time.

((Tania Chell continued in Anyone out there?))
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